5 Reasons Your Siblings Remain Your Best Friends


Siblings are most times the annoying set of people in the world but the best in a weird way. It is a love-hate relationship. You sometimes hate them when they are around and miss them when they are not available.

Moments with them are usually extremely awesome or extremely annoying, no middle grounds. One moment they are the angels in your life the next moment they become overprotective.


But would you replace them for anything in the world? I don’t think so!

Below are five reasons your siblings are like your best friends.

1. Growing up you dressed in identical clothing.

This is one of the most annoying things our parents made us do. Especially siblings of the same age bracket, your parents probably bought everything in twos, from toys to your school bags. There are moments people asked if you and your sibling were twins because you dressed identical from your hair to your toe.

 2. You tell each other everything.

Remember those nights you watched the stars with your siblings, where you talked about everything, from your desires to your career aspiration? Those nights are one of the times you would appreciate them the most.

3. You sometimes feel like killing them

Because siblings have their annoying moments, there are times you wished you were an only child. From telling on you when you probably refused to give them chocolate, to the times they probably stole your favourite item, or even the time you had to babysit them when you had more important things to do.

 4. They are always there for you.

You can probably relate to this if you have grown siblings. They are the first call of contact if you ever need anything, even before you call your parents, because they can easily relate to the wants of your generation.

5. Growing up you shared everything.

Even times you didn’t want to share, your parents tried to preach the importance of sharing.

If you can totally relate to any of the five reasons listed above, make sure you do or say something nice to them today.

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