5 Reasons to Explore Nigeria On Your Own


Travelling, whether on vacation or a business, can be a gratifying experience when it is shared with a companion or family. However, there are times when the urge to travel alone can be an overwhelming craving and as daunting it may seem, there are lifelong benefits that taking the leap can bring.

Nigeria is one of the most popular African countries in the world and a solo trip often presents an opportunity to gain valuable experience about the nation its people, food, customs and traditions.

About to embark on that big trip to Nigeria and worried about traveling alone? 5 reasons why you should definitely take the bull by the horn!

You save money

What? This sounds ludicrous as the general belief is that travelling as a group generally saves you more cash than travelling alone, as you get to split costs. With travelling to Nigeria, it is quite different. It is actually cheaper and easier to find accommodationwhen it is just you; and you spend less time sorting out your journey and organizing your trip accordingly.

When you share expenses with a companion, you both have different ideas on how you want to spend, the companion might pressure you into something above your budget and reaching a compromise each time you want to spend on something takes time, gives stress and sometimes kills the fun. Also, travelling alone ensures that you have control of how you spend your money and you can extra thrifty without anyone judging you.

You are able to cultivate mindfulness.

“Mindfulness” entails a targeted awareness of a present moment, a huge antidote to stress; however, this virtue eludes a lot of travelers. Visiting Nigeria alone offers purposeful solitude which is a key way of cultivating the virtue –mindfulness.

In exotic places like Obudu, you find yourself extricated from the distractions of daily routine back home; and you can focus on absorbing all the wonderful moments the location offer your senses. In other words, it can be very therapeutic, you will come across a lot of new things and just taking time to notice them gives you a profound opportunity to practice mindfulness.

You can indulge without judgment

Every traveller has a moment when they just want to splurge and indulge themselves in the delights offered by the location they are visiting, however, most times, when they are in groups or travelling with a spouse maybe, they tend to restrict themselves to avoid criticisms from whoever they are paired with. Other times, the practices prevalent in the area they are visiting might be restrictive and they cannot comfortable enjoyment themselves as they would want in public without being judged or even punished by the locals.

With Nigeria, there are myriad ways to indulge freely. The people are not nosy and they seem to mind their business as long as you are focused on yours. From eating (street food, local delicacies, etc) to partying and adventures, Nigeria offers a lot of avenues for travelers to indulge themselves without worrying about other people noticing.


You will gain greater confidence

Effectively ordering a local meal from the street bukkas in botched Nigerian pidgin, picking up the latest slangs, chatting up locals at Oshodi market and making new friend in Yola, navigating the idiosyncrasy of Lagos traffic – these are some of the rewards you will possibly gain from your solo travel to Nigeria.

Travelling, not just alone, but alone to a country as culturally diverse and rich in heritage as Nigeria has a way of boosting the traveler’s confidence. With the unfavorable reports about the country and the possible challenges to be faced as a solo travellers, it is normal to be nervous at the kick-off stage, but then  at the end, conquering the location on you own eventually instills in you are sense of confidence and assurance in your capabilities.

You will become a better traveler

Generally, travelling alone affords any traveller the time to properly document and reflect on their travels. You have more time and opportunity to study the people and places around you and this consequently increases your bank of knowledge and influences the way you interact with others on a long term.

Travelling Nigeria alone offers you these same advantages. You even get an opportunity to give back to the nation by volunteering or engaging in any other communal activity, making you more compassionate and a better person overall.


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