5 Secrets You Should Know About Mercy Johnson

mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson Okojie is one of the most controversial and popular Nigerian actresses. Her personality always surrounded with different rumors. she is loved within and outside Nigeria.

As a mark of respect to her in the spirit of her birthday, we decided to chronicle five secrets you dont know about Mercy Johnson. see them below:

1. Childhood

Father of Mercy Johnson was a military person. When she was two he left her mother and the girl spent vast of her childhood with him. During her young years she was rather a tomboy than a fairy princess. Mercy was a fourth kid in a family of seven children. She has 3 elder sisters and 3 younger brothers, who were her best friends when she was little girl.

2. Teen years

Due to difficult situation with money, Mercy Johnson had to drop the school and even worked as a maid for some time just to earn herself for a living. She even started to act just because she failed exams to the university.

3. Banning

One actress was banned from acting because filmmakers considered her to be too expensive. In 2013 Nollywood film directors noticed that her demands had become too high. But the ban was taken off on May 2014.

4. Collections

Mercy Johnson collects accessories.  She adores wrist watches and states she has got a whole collection of them.

5. Kind-Hearted

Actress founded her own charity fund. It is called Mercy Johnson foundation. Its aim is to help poor children and widows. She donates to it constantly.

Mercy Johnson is a really good role model for the Nigerian girls. We wish her good health and inspiration!
Mercy Johnson was born on 28 of August 1984 in Lagos. She is one of the most appreciated actresses in Nigeria. She appeared in more than 150 movies.

Currently she is among the highest paid actresses in Nigeria.



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