5 Signs Your Body Needs More Fat

But have you thought that fat is actually a nutrient that our bodies need in moderation to function? There are good and bad fats, the good fats allow certain vitamins to be absorbed, fuel the brain and regular hormones production so that means you can’t just take a decision to cut all fats from your diet otherwise you could be harming your own health instead of improving it. Here are some signs that’s your body needs fat.

1. You Are Hungry All The Time: Being hungry all the time could signal that you are eating really little amounts of fat, fat is supposed to regulate your appetite and control your hunger so you don’t end up overeating, if you find yourself getting hungry more than before then opt to allow some healthy fats in your diet like whole-cream yogurt.


2. You Are Mentally Exhausted: If you can’t concentrate, tired and your brain is just foggy all the time that could be a sign that you are not including enough fats in your diet, as mentioned above, the brain feeds on fat, so when far is absent from your diet, your stomach is not full then your brain will be sluggish. Healthy fatty acids like omega-3 improve memory, regulate mood, prevent depression and increase concentration.

3. You Have Dry Skin: The body’s natural way to moisturize skin is through sebum, which is produced from the fat that is stored in the body or that is provided from diet, but when there is very low levels of fat in your body, then your body starts to produce less sebum which causes your skin and hair to get dryer and more dull.

4. You Feel Cold In The Warmth: The fat deposited u see the skin helps to regulate our body temperature, so if you are feeling cold when the air conditioning is on a reasonable temperature and everyone else feels comfortable, or when your other colleagues at work are hot and sweating and you feel cold then you may be lacking on fat.

5. Your Body Is Aching: Fat helps the body to repair damage in the joints and the skin, so if you are having joints pain due to injuries or Arthritis, lacking of fatty acids could make the pain worse.


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