5 Signs That Your Man Is No Longer Interested In You

Sometimes, when a relationship is over, the person who is losing interest might be hesitant to request for a breakup. When this happens, they only hope that the relationship will fade away or that the other person get’s tired and breaks up.

To avoid wasting your time and being with someone who does not want to be with you anymore, watch out for the following signs.

1. He Does Not Communicate As Often As Before

The first glaring sign is less communication. When your man does not talk to you as often as before or he rarely checks up on you, you need on be at alert.

If he takes hours or days to reply to your calls/messages when he would usually take only a few minutes something is definitely up.

2. He Avoids Your Friends And Family

If he suddenly seems reluctant to hang out with your friends or attend family events then something is definitely wrong. When your partner gets tired of your relationship the possibility to severe ties with others connected to you is very high.

3. He Does Not Spend Much Time With You

If you normally spend time together every week and you are noticing that the time you are spending together these days are getting fewer and farther between, then your partner just might be avoiding you.

4. He Is Not Interested In Making Future Plans

Making future plans with someone implies that you see a future with them. When your partner no longer makes concrete plans for the future or avoids conversation that revolves around a shared future, then he is definitely ready to call the relationship quits

5. He Is Always Picking Fights

Another way a partner might show that they are no longer interested is when they start to pick fights for absolutely no reason. This system is so that, hopefully, one of these random fights could get so big that the person might just leave in anger and never come back.



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