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5 Steps: How To Start A Day Care Center In Nigeria

Starting a day care center is a good and profitable business to do. The business involves taking care of children and babies before they start nursery or primary school and children who are on holidays and have nobody to look after them.

This is a business that if properly planned can lead to a successful venture.

Reasons why you should start a day care center business

start a day care center

1. Too many busy parents these days

In order to have a decent living and a comfortable life, most parents have to work and take up extra hours. There are things to buy, bills to pay and for these and more reasons parents work a lot and are usually too busy to take care off their children. Because of these they need someone to look after the children and some where to put them.

2. Increased in Population

We have a lot of children in the society, for this reason the business will flourish as there are various reason to place children in such center.

Requirements needed to start a day care center business

1. Choose a Good Location

When starting the business it is very important to locate the business where there are a lot of children whose parents are busy and working. It is very important to choose a place in a quiet environment without a lot of distractions that will disturb the children.

The location chosen must be safe and secured and if needed security personal should be used. This will also make the parents and children feel comfortable with your place.


2. Rent or Build a Building

This will depend on her big the business will be when you intend to start and how many children you intend to accept, mange and take care off. An important point you should note is that space is very critical when doing this business. Obviously the more space you have the more children you can accept and the more money you can make.

There are requirements and rules concerning spacing among children which should be adhered to as children need a lot space when they are doing their activities.

When spacing you will have to decide on the number of rooms you need. There are some that believe in having one central location so that they can easily watch over and supervise the children easily. This is not a bad either but what happens when more children join? You will need more rooms and space.

This why when choosing a building you have to decide what you need critically as spacing and more rooms could be very important.

The rooms should be clean and neat with everything in the room well arranged. The floors should be soft and the rooms well ventilated and easy to see inside.

3. Get a Play room or Field

Another reason why more rooms and space may be needed, children can get a bit irritated and bored even babies to can be restless. This is why a room should be set aside for children to play. The room should contain toys, books and games.

Also instead of staying indoors, an area can be created outside for children to take part and perform some out door activities where children can engage themselves and be able to stretch themselves.

But the children should be closely watched and supervised when handling the tools and toys and when playing outside so that they will not harm themselves.

4. Hire Staffs

At a point even if you will start small you will need a bit of assistance here or there and will need a lot of help especially when you decide to expand. Now children need special care and attention and therefore you have to employ qualified and trained personnel to handle and take care of them.

5. Arrange for Feeding

There are day care centers that take care of feeding the children when they are with them. There are others who prefer that the parents should be responsible for this and tell the parents to prepare meals for the children from home and bring to the centers which they will feed them with.

If you do decide to feed the children, this will come at an extra cost, you should take time out to ask the parents of the children the types of food they like and dislike so that you are able to know the exact type of food to give them.


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