5 Symptoms Of An Unhealthy Liver

liver damage

The liver is responsible a number of functions, such as digesting food and absorbing nutrients. This gland also helps the body to get rid of toxins and cleans the blood.

This is one of the organs a human being couldn’t live without. The list below mentions the 5 symptoms of an unhealthy liver:

5 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver

1. Jaundice

It is of utmost importance to detect what it is exactly that caused jaundice. There’re a few medical conditions that may cause this liver disease. If the liver is severely damaged, it will be extremely difficult or almost impossible to fully regenerate it. Once liver functions are improved, jaundice and all related symptoms will disappear. Keep in mind that even if jaundice diminishes, it does not always means that liver is fully cured. Patients are strongly advised to follow a strict diet anyways.

2. Urine Changes

Dark urine isn’t really something to be worried about. Only if it occurs on a regular basis should you consult a specialist. The color as well as its composition may depend on some certain factors, such as enzyme deficiencies, infections, gallstones and dehydration. If your urine varies from dark yellow to brown in color and has unpleasant odor, you should visit your doctor.

5 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver Urine Changes

3. Stool Changes

If you experience trouble with the movements of the bowels, you will suffer from constipation. It becomes difficult to defecate and causes great discomfort. Constipation can sometimes happen to a healthy person too. If it is chronic, you should pay attention to this. IBS or, in other words, irritable bowel syndrome, is a condition when constipation alternates with diarrhea. This may be accompanied with abdominal pain and a sudden need to pass bowel movements. Another thing that tells that your liver is damaged is when you notice that your stool is pale in color.

5 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver Stool Changes

4. Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is an abnormal condition. If a person does not want to eat, he starts losing weight. People may avoid eating for various reasons. Those whose liver is damaged avoid food, skip meals or eat insufficient amount of food. This affects all inner organs, liver included, since the body is not provided with all necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. If the patient has degenerated to the point of severe weight loss and his liver is beyond repair, the person’s only hope would be a transplant.

5 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver Loss of Appetite

5. Exhaustion

Chronic fatigue is related to liver disease. Of course there might be a number of other reasons. However, if you feel exhausted and tired, check your liver and let your doctor see whether the levels of noradrenaline, serotonin and corticotropins are good. Exhaustion, according to researchers, may be worsened by an increase in toxic byproducts present in the blood. If your liver is damaged, it cannot clean the blood properly hence you feel exhausted and constantly tired.

5 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver Exhaustion


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