5 Things You Can Do With Your ATM Card

Your ATM card can do much more than withdraw cash. Listed below are other life-simplifying tasks the card can do for you:

View account balances

With your card and your PIN handy, you can get your account balance on any ATM

Get mini statements

A mini statement is a summarized version of your bank account. If you want to avoid the long queues in the bank, your ATM card can provide a useful shortcut as you can get details for your last four or five transactions with it.

Pay your utility bills


PHCN, Cable TV, Water levies and various other utility bills can be paid using your ATM card. Just find the nearest ATM kiosk, be ready with your PIN and you won’t have to spend hours standing in the scorching sun to make your utility bill payments.

Transfer money between accounts

You can perform inter bank or even intra bank money transfers with your ATM card. Go to your banks ATM, insert the card and your pin and follow the promptings. Make sure you input the correct details. You would not want to deposit into a wrong account.

Deposit Cash

Many ATMs now have the capacity to accept cash deposits. You don’t have to suffer the long queues in the banking halls again as the process is very fast with ATM. Ensure the cash is in the required denomination and arranged properly.

What other things do you do with your ATM card? Let us know in the comment section below ;)


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