5 Things To Consider When Choosing A New Mobile Phone In Nigeria

Choosing a new Android device might be confusing; it’s very hard to make this decision especially when new device kept surfacing, As a result of this we need to be aware of the major things to consider when planning to new mobile phone.

It’s of no more new that Mediatek devices still stands the highest among high-end brands in Africa, Samsung, iPhone & Huawei phones might hold the world power but these brands can only be mastered by Middle Range individuals as their devices kept being expensive, As a result most people in Africa go for Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo, Gionee and selective people opt for Xiaomi Phones since the specifications required by most people is featured with their devices.

Even though some Mediatek phones lovers can argue to the point that Tecno & Infinix products are much or equally better than some high end devices, some might argue with the RAM, and some Operating System, Which of this specified feature is important, It’s easy to denote each point with vital description described below.


The highest pixels ever an android device can have is 5.5 Inches unless you have a Phablet with 6.0 Inch, Some people love to have a big phone while some don’t, 80 Percent of mobile phone users choose to have a phone with a limit of 5.5 Inch and some even opt for Tablets of 8.0 Inch or more, The choice of choosing display size depends on the choice of the user. If you are a film freak then you might think of getting a bigger size.


This is one of the key factor to consider when choosing a new mobile phone, Space is very much important especially for high-end mobile users, the days of 8GB had gone and I think a 16gb ROM should be the lowest at least for lower-class android users, Of all the phones released in 2016, I could only counted 2-3 to have 8GB though they are super affordable.

Part of the storage aspect is RAM, In fact 30 Percent of Android users spent days looking for a phone with good RAM for easier multi-tasking, 1GB RAM devices should have been a long history as of now, I don’t think we can all adhere to slow multi-tasking,therefore you least target should 2gb RAM or higher.


Important android apps have been upgraded to dump the use of Android 4.2 jellybean or 4.4 Kitkat, I can’t still believe it why some are still staying with the OLD OS, Nougat is already becoming the trends even as we see It on the likes of Infinix Zero 4 update and I’m sure we will have much of this later in 2017, If you are seeking a new mobile device the least I expect you to take is Marshmallow.



If at all we don’t imagine the above factor then you should at least consider the Battery Capacity, Checking the best phone with the best battery capacity comes from the likes of gionne with gionee m6 which feature over 6000mAh, Believe me that’s enough to carry you for days even with your 4g LTE activated, In Nigeria if we check through Tecno series then we can see the L series is adorned with great batteries starting from L5 with 5000mAh, Part of what you should consider the Battery Capacity and most importantly the Fast Charging feature, Just make sure the capacity is over 3000mAh.



Camera’s are becoming one of the most factor in a mobile device, People now snubs cameras for android device since the camera sharpness are almost equal, even at night parties the trends of taking clear pictures is now viral, with high end mobile chipsets, the ability to have camera Mega Pixels of over 21 MP is now possible, Even the major factor mobile manufacturers target in 2017 is the Dual Rear Camera feature we should perceive this from the aspect of Tecno Phantom 6 with dual rear camera, Infinix Zero 4 with optical image stabilization & laser focus.

If ever you will be changing your android device for a new one in 2017 then I’ll advice to go for a phone with a least camera of either 8MP Rear or 13MP rear, also you should go for a phone with 5 MP for better front selfie’s.


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