5 Things that Could Get You Sanctioned at Nigerian Islamic Universities

Apart from the use of Hijab which is compulsory for all female students, here are five rules Islamic Universities expect their students to follow.

Islamic universities are not quite many in Nigeria but there are two or three schools built on Islamic faith that stand out.
Al-Hikmah University in Kwara state, Crescent University in Ogun and Al-Qalam University in Katsina are three prominent Islamic tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

These schools like their Christian counterparts have rules that are designed for the students to guide and conform them to the teachings of Islam.

This means that any student who wishes to study in these universities must be aware of the rules and regulations that guide students’ conducts in the institutions.

5 conducts that could get you sanctioned at Islamic University
» more Students of Al-Qalam University in Katsina writing exam (Pulse)
Apart from the fact that every female Muslim student is expected to wear Hijab, here are five things Islamic universities won’t accept from their students.

1. Organizing or attending parties

As stated on the website of Al-Hikmat University, students of this school are not allowed to organise or attend a party either on campus off campus while the university is in session.

2. Unequally levelled Haircut.


Also in Al-Hikmah university, male students are not allowed to wear any hairstyle that is not equally levelled. Such hairstyle as Galas, Obama, Tyson etc are not allowed in this institution.

3. Wearing Jeans and dark glasses

Like some Christian universities, the Islamic University in Ilorin also prohibits its students from wearing Jeans dark glasses.

4. Wearing Tight-fitting dresses

None of these universities allows their male and female students to wear tight-fitting and seen through dresses. Even lecturers are not are not exempted from this dress code policy.

5. Wearing flip-flop or slippers to lecture room

Wearing of flip-flop and sandal at Crescent University is seriously frowned upon. According to a lecturer at the university, all students and lecturer are expected to wear shoes.

According to the statement on Al-hikmah University website, any student violating any of the university rules regarding conducts and dress codes would be sanctioned in accordance with the university rules and regulations.

Admission seekers who want to study in any of the faith-based university in Nigeria, therefore, have to understand the rules and regulations guiding students conducts in the schools and try as much as possible to avoid violating the rules.


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