7 Things Ladies Immediately Notice About One Another

Ladies aren’t always on the lookout to analyze other women, but when first impressions happen, they happen quickly. Many women will immediately notice certain features or fashions of other women. Words aren’t exchanged, but thoughts are running wild.

Your grocery-store interactions or the looks you give other women in the parking lot may not mean anything, but often these 10 things won’t go overlooked:

1. The look on her face

One of the first things women notice about other women is the expression on a woman’s face. If the woman you’re passing looks you up and down, you automatically feel a little uncomfortable. If she smiles politely, there’s no threat, and you’re back to your errands. The look on a woman’s face can set the tone for the few seconds of silent interaction.

2. How clean her hair is or if her roots are showing

Women will then look up and peek at another woman’s hairstyle and cleanliness. If a woman dyes her hair and hasn’t had a touch-up in a while, her roots may show, and another woman will notice. First impressions between two women will most definitely include an analysis of hair style, cut and color.

3. How well she did her makeup

Women have that sixth sense to be able to tell when foundation is too dark or when eyeliner is applied incorrectly. The women you pass may never tell you, but they’ll be certain to notice your makeup that day, or lack of.

4. Her weight

This one seems rude and shallow, and it probably is. But this is a big characteristic women silently take note of. Some women even compare themselves against the woman she passes.Is she bigger than me? Her arms look nicer.

5. If she’s wearing a wedding ring

Ring-checking is definitely a thing, and women do it too. You may find yourself checking a woman’s hand to see if she’s wearing a diamond. It may not matter whether she’s married or not, but you’ll still look.

6. What kind of shoes she has on

Shoes are another fashion item women check out when passing each other. High heels, for instance, can reveal that a woman likes to dress up, works in a corporate office, has a hot date or just likes high heels. A woman wearing workout sneakers can also show a lot. The shoes may not be that important, but it’s something taken into account.

7. How nice her skin/tan is

A fake tan or a breakout can be seen by a woman a mile away. A woman with smooth, flawless skin and a perfect tan can be the target of jealousy from other women passing by.

Maybe some of these things seem way too specific, and some women may not notice anything about other women. But many secretly feel each interaction with another woman is a chance to take note of the subtle clues in another woman’s shoes, hair, face and behaviors.

What signs do you give off about who you are, and what are you noticing about the gals you meet throughout the day?


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