5 Things You MUST Do On Your Honeymoon

Best ways to enjoy your honeymoon

Honeymoon is that early moment of their lives that couples enjoy by themselves just after having friends and family celebrating their new union.

Honeymoons are special to newly-weds and there is a limitless catalogue of the best place to go and enjoy those moment, for as long as you and your spouse agreed on.

In this article, we discuss the top 5 things you have to absolutely do, regardless of where the location of your honeymoon is..

Stay away from social media

This does not literally mean that you should keep off totally; but yeah, it is not really a bad idea, if you can pull it off, please do it.

Preserve the moments for the two of you; keep the BBM’ing and Facebooking and Whatsapp visits as limited as possible.

There is an added advantage: By staying off social media, you’ll most likely see many tagged wedding photos and comments that will extend the wedding vibe and make you more excited when you eventually return social media.

Watch the sun rise and set

It’s really as simple as it sounds, and just as enchanting. Sit cozied up in each other’s arms in at any vantage point, and watch the sun rise. There’ll be time to watch it set, too, and you should absolutely catch that sight also. It’s fairytale stuff.


Take plenty pictures

Freeze as many moments as you can, take as many pictures as possible. Your environment, things that seem interesting to you, pictures of yourselves, you should have it all.

Even if you will go on other honeymoons, there is every possibility that none of them will be as special as the very first.

Pack some lingerie

Yep. You should go all out when it comes to this. It is said and we totally agree that “every honeymoon needs at least one sexy, special lingerie moment.” Get something really sexy that will allow for extra magic during the honeymoon nights you and your newly-wed husband will share.

Spoil yourself

What readily comes to mind here is food and other edibles. Your honeymoon might not be the best time to worry about your healthy nutrition habits and all. You should let yourself go. Enjoy the moment and as many delicacies as you can.

As a footnote, let your indulgence extend to sex, too. It’s called a ‘honeymoon’ afterall. Don’t you worry, the ‘honey’ can never finish, no matter how much of it you desire to ‘consume’.


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