5 Things Nigerian Men actually want for Christmas

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Nigeria is famed for its romantic men. They go out of their way to ‘give’ women what they want, however receiving gifts is not the exclusive preserve of women even though culture demands that men provide nearly everything a woman wants.

If you are the mood to do something spectacular and boost your romantic life, how about trying something new with your ‘bae’ for a change for the 2015 Christmas?, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal suggest 5 things women can do for their men this Christmas.


Tasty and Delicious Food

Food is definitely one ingenious way to steal man’s heart. Make an attempt to cook something new or add something different to give the meal a more delicious taste and it will go a long way. As they say food is a sure tool for stealing a man’s heart.


A man will not readily admit it that he needs wife. But the desire for companionship and thirst for love goes beyond the facade – it runs deep. So, women…get your game on as there are men out there searching for their other half this Christmas.


A trip to the Calabar carnival

The Calabar carnival is Africa’s largest street party and one of the biggest events happening in December. It will be a good idea for both of you to take a trip to Nigeria’s hospitality hub for the time of your lives. If you can set this up, he’ll never forget you.

A break from demands

Christmas is a very important period of the year where gift sharing is encouraged. Quite a substantial number of men request a break from these demands so they are allowed to use their discretion to buy personal gifts for their women without being nagged into doing so.


A bottle of sparkling wine

If your man doesn’t mind a sip of liquor, this is a good time to buy him one. He will actually be surprised that you thought of buying something precious because men have entirely embraced the idea that he is to provide for a woman and this will add some spice to your relationship.

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