5 Things We Have Learnt From The Toke Makinwa Drama

Toke Makinwa

These are hard times for media personality, Toke Makinwa and you must know the reasons for that by now.

But if  just for some reason, you haven’t been served the tea of the biggest news in Nigeria this week, here it is in a nutshell; Toke Makinwa’s husband of a little over a year, Fitness trainer, Maje Ayida allegedly cheated on her with his ex whom he dated on and off for eight years and then, got her pregnant. The ex, Anita Solomon is reportedly in the UK to have the child.

While everyone has been speculating for days, trying to get Toke to speak on the matter officially, she has tried to keep her head up high without divulging much.

However, after her popular weekly Vlog was uploaded a little over an hour ago, we have learnt a few things. Five of which we would talk about and which seems to be the truth in the situation.

1. Toke’s wedding frame seems to be gone – During her old  Vlog sessions, Toke Makinwa’s wedding frame hung behind her but now, it seems to be gone.

toksstar It could mean nothing and it could also mean everything.

2. Something really serious is going on and it has to do with cheating – Toke’s first two minutes was spent on appreciating everyone that has reached out to her over the past few days and then, the rest was spent on how to how to deal with a situation like being cheated on by a spouse. Maybe she’s confirming something without saying much.

3. Toke might be blaming herself at the moment – While she might not be admitting anything, she is probably blaming herself at the moment for some of the things she is going through. She urges her fans not to blame themselves for a cheating partner’s mistakes or irresponsibility.

4. She cares about others too – While she is going through stuff, she still cares about her fans and as much as possible, she tried to make the Vlog about people who might be going through the things she is going through too. She even asks for them to all hold hands. Aww.

5. Toke Makinwa is one strong woman – Right after the news broke, Toke Makinwa went to church, went to work, attended a BBC event and has kept working!

Aint no stopping this woman, not even when the storm is at it’s strongest.

And that is something to learn from.

Watch Toke’s Vlog below:


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