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5 Things You Should Not Do On An Airplane


If you have been travelling a lot or this is your first time travelling by air, there are some common mistakes that many passengers make. Many of these things are things we do not take note of or we just neglect them, thinking they do not matter.

1. Sleeping During Takeoff or Landing
You know how air pressure can cause that super uncomfortable feeling in your ears during take-off or landing? This is because the air pressure around you changes faster than the air inside your ears. Usually this is easily fixed with a yawn, sucking on candy, or chewing gum. However, if you sleep through the air pressure changes you’re not able to equalize the pressure in your ears, which can result in an ear infection, eardrum damage, dizziness, nosebleeds, and as a worse case scenario, severe hearing loss. Solution: Absolutely no snoozing during take-off and landing.

2. Using the Overhead Compartments as Closet Space
There’s no need to stuff jackets, shoes, blankets, every piece of carry-on luggage, and everything else but the kitchen sink in the overhead compartments. Most airlines allow two carry-on items, which means that you can have a smaller personal item one under the seat in front of you as long as it doesn’t block the path to the aisle, and the bigger piece can go overhead. More and more passengers are trying to avoid baggage fees, so competition for carry-on space is getting fierce. Solution: Don’t push your carry-on allotment to the max and leave the overhead compartment as minimalist as possible.

3. Treating The Tray Table as a Baby Changing Station
Just don’t. This is unsanitary as tray tables are not cleaned between flights and in a few hours someone will be using that same table to have their lunch, or even just rest their hands or items on. It’s also inconsiderate to your seat-mate, especially if the diaper is particularly smelly. Solution: Most airplane bathrooms have a changing table. If not, you can use the closed toilet seat as a makeshift table. Put down a cloth or blanket for sanitary reasons and dispose of the used diaper appropriately (ie: not in your seat-back pocket!)

4. Barefoot or Sock Only Trips to the Bathrooms
See that puddle you’re standing in? It’s quite possibly urine. Imagine if you’re barefoot or in just socks while standing in someone else’s urine. Let that sink in for a moment. As flight attendants don’t clean bathrooms during the flight, whatever mess—no matter how innocent it may appear—you encounter, could very well be a health hazard. Solution: Keep your shoes on. If you want to air out your toes, throw on slippers during the flight. Nobody wants to see or smell your feet inflight.

5. Constantly Ringing for Flight Attendants
While flight attendants are there to help and serve, ringing the call light simply for a refill on a drink or some other trivial matter wastes their valuable time. They are not your personal butler ready to fetch you a blanket at whim (unless you are trapped in your seat by sleeping seat-mates). That button should be used in the case of emergencies, or to highlight the urgency of a situation, or to ask an important question. Solution: If it’s a simple request, take a trip to the back galley and ask for what you want there.


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