5 Things You’ll Understand As An Intrusive Mother-In Law

mother and daughter
Mother and daughter having a discussion

1. Unpaid Special Adviser ; It isn’t just a relationship between the two of you. Your mother-in law makes it her duty to see that everything goes her way and subtly intrudes, when it looks like you two are keeping her out. Like ‘it would be better for you to buy your wife(her daughter) the expensive new car because it would be good for taking your kids to school.’  You just smile and say, ‘yes ma’, when all you really want to say is, ‘why don’t you go ahead and buy it for her then.’

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2. Always around: She stops by your house at least every month and doesn’t live until the next month only to be back again just when you thought you could finally breathe without her being all up in your business.

3. Omugwo: And when the wife eventually puts to bed and she’s called upon to do ‘omugwo’. She doesn’t leave until the child turns one and the wife had better not come preach about what they taught during ante-natal class because the mother-in-law wouldn’t listen to any of those stuff. The only way the child is nursed is by her way.

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4. Hard to please; As far as she’s concerned you two know nothing when it comes to marriage and could never please her enough. If she decides to hate your cooking she going to hate it for as longs as she decides. If you like hire a professional chef and make something truly delicious and lie to her that you made it, she is still going to pick out flaws.Like you could have used a little bit more salt or pepper, just as she does.

5. All in one: They want to be the wife, the mother and the mother -in law at the same time so it doesn’t matter how good at your game you are, you will always be a novice as long as she knows and you would only make yourself uncomfortable in marriage if you give her the impression you don’t like her. Its even worse if your spouse is an only child.


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