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Over the years, bus journeys have somewhat  fallen to the bottom of the list of transport options for long distance travel in most parts of the world, however, the case is different in Nigeria. Largely consisting of a middle and lower class populace, bus journeys are still a preferred norm, as it saves the traveler a lot more money than taking a flight will.

While bus is often the cheapest form of transportation in any part of the world, it can be very stressful  for the traveler as sometimes, they are required to sit  for hours on end and endure the physical stress that comes with the often bumpy road ahead.

Luckily there are tips to help alleviate the drudgery that comes with sitting on the road, for travelers within Nigeria,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking site, suggests 5 ways to survive a long bus trip.


Keep yourself entertained

Thanks to technology, entertainment is now easily accessible. You can play games on your phone or even watch a movie or listen to songs, you just need to make sure that it is fully charged before you set out from your hotel room.

Alternatively, you can pack a book to read on the way or a journal to write in while travelling. Go for whatever keeps you busy and entertained. Sitting and staring into space is a huge recipe for boredom and frustration and is certainly no way to survive a long bus trip.

Pack edible treats

Besides getting hungry on the road, you can get puckish at intervals. Pack some snacks including mixed nuts, sandwiches, fruits and cereal bars in a small container to nibble on.

Some juice and water are a good addition, however you may want to watch your intake to avoid frequent visits to the bathroom.  Alternatively, buy some light refreshments at bus stops on the way to your destination or if you are lucky, the bus may have snacks to offer passengers and you can take advantage of that as well. Either ways, snacking tends to reduce the stress of being on the road and makes the entire trip much more enjoyable.

Bring your toiletries

While travelers are advised to pack light, there are certain toiletries that are important while travelling within Nigeria. Most buses do not have toilets and you may have to make random stops to ease yourself or use the loo. Tissues and hand sanitizers are key essentials to ensure you stay germ free before you reach your destination.

Catch some sleep

Not everyone can sleep while in motion, however, if you can, try and occupy your time by sleeping through the journey.

It helps if you have ear muffs, a neck rest or a travel pillow and sleeping mask, however, you can also improvise and use a rolled up sweater or shirt as head rest. Sleeping is a sure way to survive a long bus trip as it has a way of making the time go much faster.

Chat up other travelers

Most buses carry four passengers per row and usually, every traveller has someone who they can engage in a conversation sitting close to them.

If you are sitting next to other people, get friendly, raise a topic and chat with them. This has a way of spicing up the trip. Unless, of course, the person sitting next to you is utterly boring. Most people have built strong friendships from simple conversations while others have even met spouses on the bus.


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