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5 Types of People Around You When You Start Making Money – Expert Reveals

Do you want to know the several types of people that will be around you when you finally start making money? Now you have to take a look at the latest sensation that has hit the internet in recent weeks about Davido and his supposed girlfriend Chioma. This girl was a relatively unknown girl till she came in contact with the superstar singer Davido. All of a sudden she went from being unknown to a celebrity.

The focus isn’t on how she became the singer girlfriends, but I want to show you the different types of people that will come for you as soon as you start making money.

These different types of people may not be bad – at least most of them, but it shouldn’t take you as a surprise when they actually come for you.

These are the 5 types of people around you when you start making money

The preachers

You think you know the bible? Hold on a bit till the preachers come for you. They would never admonish you while you are hustling and praying for a miracle. But as soon as you finally get the answer to your prayers, they come with so many admonitions to counter whatever you do. They come with several facts and figures to oppose whatever is giving you money at that point in time. These types of people only want your downfall and you should run away from them as fast as possible.

In a short while, after the FIA crooner gave his GF a supposed car, several articles have been written on reasons why it shouldn’t have happened. I wonder if they actually contributed to the 45million that was paid for the car. The preachers; they are so miserable in their lives and looking for who will remain in their shoes. Flee from them!!!

The “Who Cares” Crew

The good news about them is that they don’t give a hoot if you are currently richer than Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates – as long as you don’t rub it on their faces. They don’t even want to know what’s changed with you. They might have a clue, but their simple question remains ‘who cares?”.


Have types of people like these are quite good, as long as you mind their personal spaces and give them their required respect. The only problem that might arise would be when you fail to mind their demanded space. You might be in for some long tussle from the “who cares” kind of people.

The Destroyers

They don’t want to believe that you’ve become rich, so they are going to just take their time and find a way to pull you down. No matter what it will take, they will never let you be. They are broke, poor, and frustrated, so they believe that you should be at their own level or even worse. The destroyers aka “Village people” are going to make sure that no matter what, you will go back to your former state of being broke. Never pray to have such people around you because they come with negative vibes and are willing to transfer it to you.

The Doubters
Just like Thomas of old in the bible; until they see the money physically, they wouldn’t believe. They would want to see an upgrade in lifestyle before they believe that you have really become rich. Types of people like this would want to see a physical proof that you’ve made money. In a bid to please and prove the doubters wrong, you might just end up broke again.

“You have money but look at your shoe” When you try to change your shoe, they bring up another expensive shoe for you to buy and prove them wrong. Before you go round the circle of phones, shoes, laptops, cars – acquiring liabilities, you will end up broke. Flee from the doubters and keep your focus.

The Praise Singers
To types of people like this, anything you say becomes correct. Anything you touch is gold; anywhere you walk is scared just to keep your ego high and the money flowing continuously.

If this type of people don’t send you broke again, nothing else will ever make you broke. As long as you keep living in affluence, they will always sing your praise. The moment you go back to your broke state, I believe you know what will happen to your former praise singers.

Becoming rich is just one side of the coin, maintaining your riches is just another. Be careful of the friends you keep and watch your circle closely.


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