5 Unintentional Ways Parents Kill Their Children’s Confidence

parents and son in park
Man, Woman and Child having fun in the park.

As much as these kids are under your guidance, it’s okay if you let them make certain decisions for themselves. This kids will someday grow into adults and you’ll cease to be there to take some steps for them.

Family at the beachplayFamily at the beach


Parents should encourage children to follow their own paths from a young age and quit listening to what people will say. That is one way to make your child develop self-confidence which is one of the things they need to succeed in life.

Inspired by Your Tango, here are a few ways parents kill self-confidence in their kids:

1. Trying to live their life for them: Every parent wants their kid to succeed, so it’s normal to push them into what you think would push them in the direction of success. Try to watch out for their likes and dislikes, you may be surprised about what you might find.



2. Trying to do things they can easily do for themselves: As much as your patience is tried every time, let your kids do certain things for themselves so they’ll learn not to depend on you.

3. Trying to make them change by comparing them to others: Parents who do this totally destroy every bit of confidence their children may have. Never try to compare your child to anyone.

Raising KidsRaising Kids


4. Trying to speak for them when they are old enough to do it: Kids become withdrawn and more dependent when parents become the voice of their children especially if they are old enough to air their views on certain discomforting or pleasant issues.

5. Over-doing things when your kids can’t seem to get it:Most parents are guilty of this. When your children don’t seem to get something, most parents get really impatient and start saying things like “This is so easy!” while correcting their mistakes instead of offering their kids helpful guidelines and tips.

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