5 Useful Tips For 2015 Batch B Stream 2 Lagos Corps Members

I bet you were over the moon when you saw your Call-Up letter with Lagos beautifully written on it; I totally understand your feelings. NYSC Lagos camp is a cool, fun place but like all beautiful music it must end.

It’s important you start preparing for life after camp immediately you get in. See 5 tips to help your preparation:

1. Do you have an organisation you would love to serve in?, if Yes, kindly get a request letter from them before the last week of camp.
2. Participate in Camp activities or find a way of getting close to your platoon officers as your posting for primary assignment lies in their palms.
3. Secure comfortable accommodation if possible before you leave camp. Make sure it’s close to your PPA.
4. Don’t waste your first allowance in camp. Life after camp can be very harsh. You need all the money you can get to survive with Lagos hustling.
5. Make good and useful friends in camp.


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