5 Ways Foreign Trained Graduates Can Get Jobs Easily

Foreign trained graduates generally have a competitive advantage over other graduates in the labour market. Most multinational organizations always place a high value on graduates from foreign institutions due to their exposure and international experience.

Sadly, most people who studied abroad are still roaming the street looking for jobs seriously. In fact, some of them will gladly jump at a 40,000 naira job offer without thinking twice. Are you surprised? Well, don’t be the country is messed up.

However, the few foreign trained graduates who have been able to market their international experience to employers are well placed in juicy positions across different industries.

So, it is not really all about studying abroad and speaking in UK or America accent, rather knowing how to sell yourself in the labour market is what matters. In this article, you will discover the 5 ways foreign trained graduates can get jobs easily.

5 Ways Foreign Trained Graduates Can Get Jobs Easily

#1. Your International Acquired Skills Should Reflect On Your CV

One of the ways foreign trained graduates can get jobs easily is to state the skills they acquired abroad on their resume. Take your time, think about all the new skills you learn while studying abroad and add them to your CV.

This will obviously make your resume outstanding. After all, every company needs employees with special and unique skills.

You can also add some positive character traits like open-mindedness, independence, adaptability, and curiosity. These traits naturally inspire a recruiter to know you more in person.

#2. Creates An International Experience Heading On Your CV

In today’s labor market, employers attach importance to international experience. Therefore, don’t hesitate to creatively write about your international experience in a section of your CV.


As a matter of fact, this heading alone will always make you outstanding in any job you apply for. It is a strategy that has worked for many people, it will definitely work for you.

#3. Know How To Describe Your Experience Perfectly

Don’t just create heading for international experience on your CV. You also need to know how to describe your experience perfectly.

Be persuasive in your write up and let the recruiter always see you as the perfect candidate for the job. You can use the “STAR” approach to impress the recruiter.

STAR is actually an acronym that stands for; Situation, Task, Activity Results. Use this strategy accordingly and witness the amazing outcome.

#4. Provide Relevant Details Only

I am sure you don’t want to bore recruiters with unnecessary details about your overseas experience. At all time, only provide the details that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

#5. Reassure Employers Without International Experience

Sometimes, employers without international experience are skeptical about Foreign trained graduates.

They often believe that foreign trained graduates are too arrogant and are likely to leave the organization in no time. In view of this, try to convince whoever is reading your cover how dedicated you are in discharging your duties.

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