5 Ways Guys Should Behave While Dining

Grooming isn’t just about your physical looks, it is also about how you behave and compose yourself in public. Here are a few tips on how to behave when dining.

According to Colin Firth’s smooth secret agent character in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), “manners maketh the man”. This is actually so true, so we’re here to train you on the basics of table manners that every guy should know:

  • Napkin placement: As soon as you get to the table, take the napkin off your plate and put it on your lap while you sit. Also, if you have to excuse yourself from the dinner table at any point during the meal you should leave the napkin unfolded on your chair and not on the table! It’s unsightly.

  • Seating posture: It’s important that you get the seating right if you want to appear mature. Always sit a reasonable distance away from the table, so that your hands are align with it when your elbows are bent. Also, never let your elbows rest on the table. Don’t forget that Posture is vital, so try to sit up and keep your hands in your lap when not eating.

  • Patience: It’s normal to not eat until everyone’s been served food unless the host insists you should start. This is applicable for both holds dinner parties and restaurants. Before you finally start eating, it’s also homely to ask if you can pass anything to anyone around the table, such as butter, pepper or salt.

  • Eating: When it comes to eating itself, don’t gulp it all down at once. Instead, match the pace of others at the table. If you want to eat fast, go to a fast food. Always engage with others around the table but do not ever chew with food in your mouth.

  • All done: After you’re done eating, put your fork and knife together, which signifies to the waiter at the restaurant, that you’re done. Finally, don’t forget to compliment the cook if you are at someone’s home for dinner. It really doesn’t matter what the food actually tasted like.




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