5 Ways How To Drink Without Getting A Hangover This Christmas

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With all the partying going on around town, the urge to go out and enjoy the moment will drive many overboard as the tendency to gulp as many glasses of wine, eat as much as one can as well as have a profitable time with family and friends gives the perfect excuse to indulge.

However, do you know that you can drink without getting a hangover this Christmas?


Know when to stop drinking

When you have cartons of drinks before you, the temptation to keep going is usually irresistible but you should know when to stop drinking. Researchers say that men, should have no more than one bottle of alcohol in an hour while for women should stick with half a bottle of drink every hour at this rate, drinking should end in about four hours at the most.

Avoid sugary drinks

Sugar is the catalyst that drives many to drink. In spite of its many side-effects, the appealing taste sweet wine and flavoured larger gives can draw one to the bottle at great risk. Not only does your liver take a beating but heart starts to fail from diabetes related diseases. To live a longer healthier life in Nigeria, either stay away from sugary alcoholic drinks which masks the true volume of phenol’s you are ingesting or take as little amount as possible.


Eat before you drink

If you must drink alcohol, do not guzzle it on an empty stomach as it will easily overwhelm you!  You can eat biscuit or some cheese before tipping the glass. Another alternative is to drink lots of water to dilute the drinks concentration. At least, with water you cannot get a hangover after that Christmas party.
Drink pure forms of alcohol

Coloured alcoholic drinks like whisky, red wine and brandy contain impurities that can cause headaches and hangovers. Rather than indulge in this, take plain, uncoloured drinks like white wine and vodka – if you have to.


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