5 ways to make your trip to Ife memorable


Anyone who travels frequently has certain experiences that stick out more than others. While some memories fade into the background, the recollections of others tend to spur nostalgia and a longing to recount the unexpected things which made the trip unforgettable. The good thing is that, despite the general idea that unforgettable trips mostly come unexpected; these trips can be planned, especially when the destination isan ancient city like Ife, endowed with primordial history, rich culture, and unique norms.

No one enjoys spending money and valuable time organizing a trip that eventually fails to leave a print on their memory. It is time to kick listening to tales of everyone else’s magical trips to the curb and create your own. Let, Africa’s no. 1 online hotel booking site guide you with 5 ways to make your next trip to Ife a truly enjoyable and memorable one!


Open your mind, enjoy the city’s uniqueness

The main reason why most people fail to enjoy their trips is because they refuse to open their mind to the uniqueness of the new environment. Every single destination has something that is special about it, and rather than compare it to your home or where you believe is the ideal destination, be positive, explore its unique features. Get out of your comfort zone and expand your boundaries. Experience and appreciate the difference in culture, foods, tradition, languages, norms, beliefs and practices. In doing so, you will come to realize that a town such as Ife is actually a vibrantly, exciting place.

Pack a good quality camera, take candid pictures

There is no doubt that the best way to capture memories and make them last forever is by taking photographs. These photographs capture images that will eventually prompt your recollections of events from your travels. Invest in a good quality camera that can take clear images and has zoom functions that way you can take candid pictures that accurately capture expressions and split second moments.
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Do something new

Rather than sitting at the hotel, challenge yourself and do something new while visiting Ife. It could be something as simple as parroting a few phrases or sentences in Yoruba or learning to cook a local dish like Amala or Ewedu soup which is common around the area. Explore the different local activities even if they are different from what you are used to. Visit the popular tourist sites including Ife Museum of Antiquities, Opa Oranmiyan, Okemogun Shrine, Oduduwa Palace, Zoological Gardens and Odua Shrine. Indulge in their local delicacies. Be adventurous and free!

Interact with the fellow travels, engage the locals

Often, the most spectacular moments of a trip happen on the way to the destination, with the people you meet on the road and the discoveries you make. Take active steps to connect with locals and other travelers. Interact with those who are heading the same destination either in same bus or airplane.

Also, on getting to Ife, try and engage with the locals in the town. Ask them questions about their culture and way of life, listen to their stories, patronize them and invite them to engage in certain adventurous activities with you. It is also important that you listen to them and remain polite.


Share experiences

Ife has a lot of markets and shopping complexes, visit them to buy souvenirs and local products before you live the town. Banter and play when you bargain with the locals. When you return to your home, do not keep all the new knowledge gained from your experience at Ife to yourself. Share the pictures and short videos taken with family, friends and followers on social media as well, that way, people can see the town from your point of view, compare experiences and inspire others who are yet to visit the city.


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