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50 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Lagos

It’s really difficult to take an unpleasant photo in Lagos, from the picturesque Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge to the vibrant city scenery. Nowhere in Lagos is unsightly; you will always find the picture of the city very inspiring and beautiful. We combed through some Instagram photos taken by Lagosians to bring you a visual depiction of Lagos city.

Here are 50 Instagram photos that will make you fall in love with Lagos – “Africa’s big apple” and feel its pulse:

Eko O Ni Baje O!

1 – 2. A reminder that Lagos has sweeping views of the Ocean


3-7. A city that is complemented by its surroundings


8-9. Lagos will always charm everyone with its amazing experiences



10-12. Glowing Yellow – The colour of Lagos Transportation System


13-16. Delicious Street Foods


16-18. Its scenic landscapes make the city so inviting to visit


19. Welcome to Lagos! The ever popular statue of the three elders of Lagos.


20-22. Lagos is lined with beautiful attractions 


23-24. The colourful festival that exhibits the culture and traditions of Lagos City – Eyo Festival


25-27. Beautiful roads you have to drive in your lifetime


 28-33. Amazing Feat of architectural buildings renowned for their form and beauty


34-36. The music scene is always fun and memorable


37-39. White beaches with sparkling sand and endless sunshine make the city beautiful


40-44. Munch your way through Lagos’ vibrant food scene


45-48.  Lagos’ flourishing nightlife heats up immediately the sun goes down


49-50. Humans of Lagos – They possess the zeal to succeed with unique energy and enthusiasm


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