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5G Electromagnetic Field Radiation And Health In COVID-19 era By Prof. Oladapo Ashiru

Prof. Oladapo Ashiru

If you have been following the news since the world first became aware of the coronavirus pandemic in January of 2020, you are most likely also aware of the brouhaha surrounding the planned global deployment of the 5G network; public agitation over not just its link to COVID-19 but possible broader health implications on the human body should 5G network become a part of everyday life.

Globally, health concerns have been raised in many quarters over the past weeks about 5G network and EMF radiations in general; the particular emphasis being placed on the emergence of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic coinciding with the introduction of 5G network in many parts of the world. Many argue that areas where 5G networks are installed, have experienced higher cases of COVID-19 cases, suggesting a clear link between the two.

While a lot of theories abound on the internet over the issue, it must be stated that correlation does not always imply causation. For instance, Iran has one of the worst incidences of COVID-19 in the world, and the 5g network is not in that country yet. It is therefore clear that a lot is still not understood about the issues, and it has become urgent, and imperative to examine EMF radiation (not just 5G) and its many effects on health, especially as a lot of its sources have come to be a part of our everyday lives.

What is EMF?

E.M.F. or Electromagnetic Field radiations are produced whenever and wherever electrical current flows. Though invisible to the naked eye, Electromagnetic Fields are present everywhere in our environment naturally, but there are also several human-made types of E.M.F. The natural source of E.M.F. is the sun, which sends out its radiation in the form of visible light and heat energy.

The energy from this type of E.M.F. is tremendous and similar to that emitted by human-made sources like x-rays and gamma rays. These cause what is referred to as “ionising radiation” because they are powerful enough to turn atoms to ions. This characteristic makes them dangerous to the health of living things. That is the reason we advised against frequent/prolonged x-ray, gamma-ray, and sun exposure.

The EMF emitted by most human-made modern, wireless technology such as cell phones, WiFi routers, and microwave ovens has much less energy and is therefore non-ionising.

At this juncture, a fascinating phenomenon of history must be revisited. History tells us that the different industrial revolution eras of the past have been heralded or accompanied by specific pandemics.

5G network and COVID-19: Is there a correlation?

A lot of scientifically unproven correlations are drawn between the proposed 5G network and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It is useful to revisit what we do know about the health implications of EMF radiations, especially from ionising sources such as x-rays and gamma rays. Many studies and research have concluded that EMF does have detrimental effects on the health of an individual, including:

  • Disruption to sleep patterns/ insomnia
  • Suppression of the immune system
  • Tumors/cancers, e.g., gliomas and leukemia
  • Infertility
  • Depression and depressive symptoms
  • Memory changes/lack of concentration
  • Precipitation of autoimmune reaction
  • Worsening existing disease conditions, e.g., Lyme disease.

The non-ionising radiation, such as those given off by our cell phones, microwave ovens, television sets, radio waves, and others, are deemed generally safer than the ionising ones. However, scientists have found that prolonged and sustained exposure to even these sources can have a disruptive effect on the body’s immune system and therefore distort how the body responds to external attacks from infections, stress, and environmental toxins. It is especially true if the non-ionising radiation has enough power, as is the case with the microwave, which, even though it gives off non-ionising radiation, operates at a higher power than cell phones and WiFi routers. All sources of EMF have the potential to disrupt health if operating at particular doses/power.

As it has been noted globally in the ongoing pandemic, it appears there are two groups of people most susceptible to infection by the COVID-19 virus and are therefore more likely to experience morbid outcomes such as severe complications and even death:

  1. The elderly (who have generally reduced immunity).
  2. People with pre-existing medical conditions (respiratory illnesses such as asthma and COPD, as well as lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension).

That poor immune function and ill-health, combined with environmental stressors such as heightened EMF exposure, might create an enabling environment for viral illnesses to attack the body with potentially catastrophic outcomes. Perhaps this is where a tentative correlation exits between COVID-19 and 5G networks.

The introduction of the 5G network is expected to provide the backbone for the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) at unprecedented speed when deployed. It is the 5th generation wireless network that surpasses the 4G network that is currently in use world over. 5G network is expected to make the idea of self-driving cars, robots, and automation, as well as ultra-smart phones and homes, a reality. With that reality comes the consequence that a new source of EMF radiation is being introduced at speeds that we have never seen before. It is the crux of the debate and where personal circumspection is necessary.

You have a responsibility to keep your immune system up and healthy. One requires a healthy diet, proper hydration, regular exercise, use of appropriate orthomolecular supplementation like Vitamin C, and other supplements. Besides, it is vital to reduce environmental toxin exposure. Mart-Life Detox Clinic, Maryland, gives tutorials and protocols to manage environmental stressors, build up immunity, and improves body defense process. It is also important to limit daily exposure to sources of EMF radiation, whether ionising or non-ionising; especially as the present coronavirus pandemic rages on:

  • Use earphones to answer phone calls and don’t keep phones in your pockets.
  • Avoid unnecessary radiological tests such as X-rays and M.R.I.s. Use only when needed on your doctor’s recommendation.
  • Avoid the use of the microwave if you can.
  • Do not charge your phone near you when you go to bed.
  • Switch off WiFi routers when you sleep
  • Reduce your interactions on social media
  • How every industrial era coincides with pandemics (Spanish Flu with radio waves)
  • Weak immunity and environmental stressors such as heightened EMF exposure may contribute to susceptible to viral illnesses.
  • The vast majority of people who died from COVID 19 have been elderly. Younger victims have been tosed with

Finally, a daily dose of at least 500mg Vitamin C would help build immunity against flu-like diseases.

Oladapo Ashiru; Professor of Anatomy/Consultant Reproductive Endocrinologist, 08033347231

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