6 Activities Couples Should Do Together


I can guarantee you that the list of date ideas below have never been done by past the dates of the person who you will try it on, so even if (worst case scenerio) the date flops she will never forget you because you’d be the only person who ever took her on such dates. Notice how i keep saying him as the Dater and her as the Datee. That’s because most Nigerian girls don’t take boys out on dates. lol jut kidding (no i’m not).

The following activities will help you both burn unnecessary fats and keep you fit;


How many times have you seen an innocent room painting session turn in to a full on romantic paint fight session on the movies? Why not try it out for yourself? You’ll be getting a good arm workout, will be on your feet for a long time, and you can end the evening with a super fun roll out in your paint covered clothes!

Don’t do this on a first date and say it was Ope who advised you to. This is for those who are already dating and want to do an unusual activity together. I’m not advising you to always make her wash the car with you everytime but if one day you just tell her lets wash (your fathers) car together she might say yes and while washing the car you can play and splash each other soap and water. I’m pretty sure she wont forget it.


I didn’t say go clubbing (although that helps sometimes), not all girls like clubbing but if you took her to a place where there is a live band and there’s dancing i doubt she would decline. A lot of guys immediately clam up at the thought of dancing, but if you can persuade your man to hit the dance floor with you, then it is honestly one of the most fun and easiest ways to burn some calories. It doesn’t feel like exercise in the slightest, and it means you can up close and personal with each other!

Biking is a really great workout that burns about 483 calories per hour on average and seems like an effortless way to get in shape. Rent a few bikes and cycle across the city or ride on the boardwalk and enjoy the atmosphere! You’ll be able to chat, learn more about each other and burn off your breakfast. Now that’s what I call multi-tasking


The recent success of Pokémon Go has got lots of people up and walking around more than they ever have, so why not combine this in a fun date and take your man on the hunt for Pikachu and the gang. You can connect over fun childhood nostalgia and get fit at the same #time! Say no to sedentary dates and spice things up by incorporating healthy habits into your relationship. Not only will this aid both of you in looking your best but it will also provide with more variety in the experiences that you share.

If your significant other is just as into working out as you are, don’t be afraid to ask him or her to join you at a fitness class. It can be a bonding experience that can turn into a tradition in your relationship. And please don’t be afraid to break a sweat, you’ll look good no matter what!


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