6 Most Breathtakingly Scary Bridges On The Planet

Too terrifying to be true!

1. Confederation Bridge, New Brunswick, Canada

The Confederation Bridge is almost 13 km long. It was opened in 1997. Above the bridge you can see the ice cold water. The structure is known to be the longest one stretching over freezing water. It is also one of the greatest engineering achievements of the past 100 years.

6 Most Breathtakingly Scary Bridges on the Planet

2. Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge, Louisiana, USA

The bridge is 24 miles long. This scary structure connects Mandeville with New Orleans. Located in Louisiana, the bridge crosses the Lake Ponchartrain. Motorists cannot see the land while crossing the middle eight miles of the bridge which makes people fear.

6 Most Breathtakingly Scary Bridges on the Planet Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge Louisiana USA

3. Volgograd Bridge, Volgograd, Russia

Volgograd Bridge is a concrete girder structure. It was opened in 2009. The bridge is a bit over 7 km long and crosses the Volga. The roadway started shaking and oscillating during a strong storm that occurred a year later, in 2010. That reminded of another similar event of 1940 – the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed due to the same issue. The storm was strong enough to throw cars into the air. It is said that the bridge moves by over 3 feet when the winds are exceptionally strong. Surprisingly, the structure hasn’t been closed yet.

6 Most Breathtakingly Scary Bridges on the Planet Volgograd Bridge Volgograd Russia

4. Vitim River Bridge, Siberia, Russia


The Vitim River Bridge is located in Siberia. It is a train bridge built long ago crosses the river. Winters in Siberia are extreme. Drivers hate the structure since the wood covers with ice and cannot provide traction. Crossing the bridge in winter is not for the fainted hearted. Those who have managed to do it have opened accounts on Facebook to tell the world more about how hard it really is.

6 Most Breathtakingly Scary Bridges on the Planet Vitim River Bridge Siberia Russia

5. Gandy Bridge, Florida, USA

Gandy Bridge is built in Florida. It is also called Friendship Trail Bridge. The structure is almost 15,000 feet long and links Clearwater with Tampa. The bridge is incredibly low and to drivers it always seems as if they are about to sink.

6 Most Breathtakingly Scary Bridges on the Planet Gandy Bridge Florida USA

6. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Matsue, Japan

The Eshima Ohashi Bridge can be compared to a roller coaster rather than a normal road. The bridge connects Sakaiminato with Matsue. It’s hard to believe that such a bridge can actually exist somewhere! It is terribly steep and it makes most drivers sick. Do you need more adrenaline? Then welcome to Japan!

6 Most Breathtakingly Scary Bridges on the Planet Eshima Ohashi Bridge Matsue Japan

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