6 Common Mistakes Newly Wedded Couples Make

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The months leading to a wedding can be really exciting. Couples enjoy the bliss of falling in love and agree to get married to each other for a moment it can make them see each other as being perfect.

 Nevertheless, being a newly wedded bride or groom can be very unraveling. You discover a lot of things that you didn’t even know were in existence. Couples make a lot of silly mistakes and the boss of them all is that they forget to plan life after wedding.

As newly wedded couples there are certain criteria you need to take if you want a successful and peaceful marriage and true getting there it can be tough.

  No marriage is perfect, there would be good times and bad times but they are all part of the marriage process.

Here are some newly wedded couples should avoid:

·       Irrecoverable debts. Most couples spend in excess during preparations of their wedding that managing bills and debts put a strain to their new marriage.Advertisements

To avoid this, couples during preparations of their wedding should cut their cloth according to their size, prepare a budget, stay on the budget and get your finances proper and you will probably fight less.Advertisements

·       Operation spouse changer. One of the greatest mistakes spouse make is trying to change their partners. Often, one spouse thinks a marriage certificate will prompt a sudden change. Then why did you get married to him/her hoping they will change?

Frankly, most adults don’t drastically change. Therefore your best bet is that you should willingly accept your spouse the way they are, basically him/her is unique and different in their ways.

Not bonding with each other.  Most marriages have failed because they lack the basic necessities for a relationship to grow such as quality time, attention, adequate care and concern. Not spending a lot of time with your spouse. All these can cause a great damage to the marriage.

Acting like you are still single. Some couples are yet to adapt to the marriage due to the fact that they just got married.

Well, while you want to cling to your old single lifestyle and habits such as hanging out with friends, going to club and staying late outside, you have to realise that you are no longer alone.

 Now you “ll need to plan how much time you will spend with friends and how to maintain your friendship while balancing it up with your marriage.

·       Ignoring important discussions. Many couples have been trying to avoid confrontation, hence avoiding important discussions.

Now that you are married, however you really need to discuss the key issues in the marriage together. Be an adult and talk about the issue in harmony and settle up the differences.

Getting jealous. Jealousy is a poisonous instrument that should be avoided in marriages to make the relationship grow. Trust your spouse no matter the situation and let the marriage grow peaceful.


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