6 Dangers Of Allowing Your Kids Use Gadgets Too Often

The advent of smart phones, ipads, tablets, computer games and other gadgets has taken over several healthy habits in adults thereby affecting children too, who grow up to become addicted to mobile gadgets.

Here are 6 dangers your child should use gadgets more often than they engage in other creative activities:


  1. Children need to a lot of physical activities:

I have always reemphasized the fact that children needs to play. If you allow a kid to play with her phone, computer games or tablet all day long, what happens? The child will not get enough exercise. Physical exercise is not only good for building muscles but also essential for turning the brains on. More physical exercise and less use of electronic devices will help to improve grades and also reduce behavior problems.


  1. Exposure to too much radiation:

The problem with using cell phones and also cordless phones too much is that the brain is exposed to radiation and this has been linked to cancer. There are no conclusive studies on this but reports indicate that it is advisable to limit cell phone use among young children.

  1. Children are not getting enough sleep:

Studies shows that the kids who playing on their tablets or phones just before sleeping, take longer to get off to sleep and do not sleep so well, either.

  1. Children will take ages to do homework:

Kids might consider multi-tasking cool when they have to do homework. While working on their homework, they check Facebook account and emails and get distracted in process. But studies show that it takes four times longer to recognise each new activity, than if you were just concentrating on one task.

  1. Toddlers’ brain development may be at risk:

Research has shown that allowing toddlers of two or three years of age to play excessively with mobile gadgets will affect their cognitive development negatively. At this age they need to develop motor, visual and spatial skills which are essential for healthy development.

  1. Children may become obese:

It does not take rocket science to understand that too much sedentary activity which is mostly watching TV, surfing, chatting and gaming will lead to obesity. There are countless studies on this one




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