6 Differences Couples Never Fully Triumph Over

Imperfection comes in different shapes for everybody and varies intensity. As humans, when we want something really badly, we look for ways to get them by all means.

However one thing is quite certain in these particular instance, some couples do not get to work it out. The problem eventually gets the best of them.

That is why a guy who meets an amazing lady with one single fundamental flaw tells himself that he can manage, she’ll probably change, he tells himself.

In reality though, there are some problems, or some very different outlooks on life, that couples just can’t overcome, no matter how well-matched they are.

1. The spendthrift and the spender

If you rely on saving and investing heavily in the future, you really will find it hard understanding why someone prefers to live a life of lau-lau spending. [Laulau is a yoruba word for ‘showy’]

You might think you would get them to outgrow it, but this is a potential banana peel and many have been frustrated by this very same thing till cracks started to appear in their relationships.

2. Career versus relationship

There are people, who, due to one reason or another, believe that it’s okay to put their career needs before their relationship and family needs.

If your lover holds this kind of view, you might never be able to change them for life. And imagine the number of potential problems that could result from this.

3. Tolerance

You may see nothing wrong in yelling and raising your voice when you are angry or displeased about something.

Due to the upbringing of some people, however, yelling may be interpreted as an abusive act, a relationship-terminating behaviour.

4. Family’s unacceptance

This is a very common, re-occurring problem.

Being with a man who doesn’t like your family or one your family doesn’t like will put an unbearable amount of hassle on you and your relationship.

You’ll end up feeling that neither of those relationships is all that they could be.

5. The dead libido and the forever lover

Even couples who are as emotionally close as can be still need a sex life.

Needless to say, if you are not very keen on regular sexual activity but your partner is one who can literally do with more than one round of sex every day, of course there’ll be a clash of interests and soon enough, you might start seeing strains on your relationship.

6. Friendship with exes

If you are of the opinion that exes should never remain friends, and then you get with someone who believes that they can be friends with whoever they want, you will never understand the logic behind their actions.

You might overlook it at first, thinking they will change along the line, but eventually you will start to question their unending friendship/association with that ex, and soon enough, allegations of infidelity/cheating will start to surface.

Cue in a little more time, and the relationship is over.

In all things, what should never be forgotten is the power of communication in relationships.

You can overcome all of this if you communicate your views and thoughts about all these issues wit each other.

If your partner knows how you feel about these things beforehand, and before things get really serious, then they can know whether to sidestep or continue, knowing that they have been warned of what to expect and what not to.


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