6 Nigerian Celebrities Who Were Teenage Mothers


If there is something parents always advise their daughters against, it is called teenage pregnancy.

But there are some top female celebrities that either didn’t listen to their parents or circumstances beyond their control led to their disobedience of this cardinal rule, making them mothers even before they were 20 years old.


Below is a compilation of Nigerian stars who gave birth to their kids at a very young age. From delectable Shan George, who became a mother at the tender age of 16 to Genevieve Nnaji, who had her daughter at the age 17, some of them got married at a tender age and started making babies immediately while others just got pregnant out of wedlock.


imageimageShan George

The 46 years old actress, who is now a grandmother, got married at the age of 16 and had her boys who are now big men not long afterwards. She later walked out of the marriage, she has been married thrice with no success and she stated that she has been unlucky when it comes to marriage. She welcomed her first grandchild on September 7, 2014 as her first son, Delnoi had a beautiful baby girl.

images (2)images (1)Omotola Ekeinde

Star actress, Omotola met her pilot husband Captain Matthew Ekeinde at 16 and got married to him at 18. She had her first daughter at 19. Now, at 38, Omo-sexy as she is fondly called by her numerous fans is a very protective mother. A blogger nearly got sued recently for using exclusive pictures of her daughter on his platform. The globally recognized actress does not joke with her kids.



imageimageIreti Doyle

The 49 year-old all-round actress,  producer, broadcaster, writer and mother of 6 ( including her step children) is married to her boss, Patrick Doyle. She had her first child (a daughter) when she was just before twenty. Today, the little lady is all grown up and married now.


Clarion Chukwura
: This 52 year-old veteran
actress turned Deaconess got pregnant for Afro Juju music star, Sir Shina Peters at the tender age of 18 and had her baby boy, Clarance Peters, who is now all grown up and a first class music director in Nigeria. The humanitarian actress has not been lucky when it comes to marriages but she has been a blessing to several people.



 Liz Benson: the ever gorgeous actress got married to her first husband at a very tender age and lost him in her mid-twenties but the marriage was blessed with two girls and a boy. She is currently married to an evangelist and they run the ministry together.

images (5)Ada Amah: The plus size, Idoma, Benue State actress had her daughter at age 14. According to her, it was due to peer pressure.

While the sad stories of these stars turned out well eventually, the same cannot be said of probably tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of young girls who missed their way and today are suffering hard for it as teenage mothers.

So, young ladies, stay safe, abstain from teenage sex or at least use contraceptives.


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