6 Potential Reasons Why Christian Guys No Longer Want To Marry Church Girls

Christian men what are you searching for? At the point when left to our own gadgets, it causes ladies to question and ask why.

What’s more, here are a couple of hypotheses that I’ve discovered at present skimming around this topic:

1. Savior Complex

Could it be that some Christian men pursue women outside of the church because of the savior complex—a man’s need to save the damsel in distress? Could it be that men see the women in the church not needing a savior, so they pursue women who need one?

2. Too Holy

Women in the church choose to pursue a more disciplined lifestyle of prayer, fasting, studying the Bible, etc. Are these women too holy or too spiritual for some Christian men? Could it be that these men don’t want to be held to a higher level of accountability by Christian women? Could this be the reason why some Christian men pursue a new believer or someone who is not as mature in their faith over more mature Christian women?

3. Sexual Experience

Many men have expressed their desire not to be with a virgin. Do Christian men prefer someone who has some sexual experience over those who have none?

4. Party Girl

Women in the church are perceived as having no social life outside of their church obligations. As such, they are pigeonholed as being boring. Although this is a true statement for some, it is not true for all. Could this general perception be the reason why Christian men pursue women outside of the church because they want a woman who is more lively and ready to have fun?

5. Celibacy

Some Christian women are pursuing celibacy prior to marriage. Could it be that some Christian men don’t share these same values and desire someone who is willing to have sex prior to marriage? So they pursue women outside of the church who share the same viewpoint?

6. Ministry Driven

Most women in the church are interested in cultivating their relationship with God and, in doing so, they begin to grow and mature in God’s purpose and plans for their lives.  For some, that means pastoring, preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Are Christian men intimated by these women because they are growing stronger in their faith and pursuing God’s call on their life? Do they feel their leadership or counsel will be questioned if they marry a woman who is in ministry?  Do they pursue someone less mature in their faith to grow with?

However, I have the strong opinion that Christian ladies should hold on to the belief which they have.A Christian man who recognizes and appreciate good virtues will come around.
It’s possible that some, if not all of the above are reasons why some spiritually-mature Christian men pursue less spiritually-mature Christian women. But men, we would love to hear from you.

Christian men, please, help the single Christian women out. Why are you choosing women outside of the church? What are you looking for? What do you want in a mate?

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