6 Reasons Men Cheat


As a prequel to “Why Women Cheat”, this post intends to tackle the reasons why men cheat.
A lot of people feel that there is no candid reason and that it is almost typical of a man that he should dabble in affairs outside his sworn matrimony, or friendship.
This post intends to educate and give other more practical reasons, why the twenty-first-century man would cheat. The following are the reasons why men cheat:

1. There Are Constant Fights: When there are constant fights, a persistence pf unresolved issues, and there is constant unhappiness in a marriage, a pattern sets in where the man continues to be continuously unhappy and perpetually disturbed. When he resorts to an external affair, he is looking to flee the issues in his marriage. He wants to be comfortable with the “other person”.

2. He Is Bored:  Some men find the routine of marriage to be tedious and dull. These men would look outside find a spark, and fully explore their primacy; instead of finding ways to better their unions.

3. Cheating Men Love To Explore Sexually: While some men are quite content with having sex with the same woman for many years, others look to explore more as a need than an option. They want to sleep with many women, many times, and therefore do not think about the demerits of an extra marital affair. It perhaps makes them feel more alluring, and more sexually adept than others.

4. He Is Emotionally Dissatisfied: When their wives are too occupied, working or bringing up children, or taking care of parents or in-laws, the man is left high and dry. But men are emotional beings too. They, as well, require the warmth and care of the women they married. Most men consider it unmanly to ask for a pat on the back, which is why their emotional needs are usually overlooked. Sometimes the couple may not be compatible, so however much the wife might do, the man would find reasons to complain.

5. Cheating Men Have A History of EMR: In their childhood, some men may have witnessed cheating in their parent’s marriage. Subconsciously this may have planted the message in them that it’s okay to cheat even though deep down, they know it’s wrong.

6. Revenge: Because his wife is cheating, the man would consider it as having one over her if he does the same. This is never the solution. Issues in marriage should be talked about and solved.


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