6 Reasons Why You Are Still Unemployed After Graduation


As most college graduates know, finding a job can be nothing short of brutal. You get your diploma and all of a sudden you become a real adult who needs a real adult job. Months go by, you might find yourself living with the parents again, but still, despite your best attempts, you just can’t seem to land a job. As the numbers in your bank account get smaller, you might question the point of your education and yourself, but especially why finding a good job seems so damn hard. While it’s easy to blame the economy, sometimes it’s just you.

Cover your bases with these 6 reasons why you might still be jobless.

1.THE COURSE YOU STUDIED IS NOT RELEVANT IN NIGERIA: The course you study has a big role to play on how quick you can get a job after graduation.

To be very candid, some courses can not be practicalized here in Nigeria. Courses that are not practicalized in Nigeria will not only reduce your likelihood of having a job, but it will also reduce the likelihood of you employing your self.

Hardly will you find a graduate of Architecture or Land surveying or other courses that are easily practicalised in the country complaining of unemployment because they start making money from when they were students.

2.YOU DON’T HAVE A SKILL: It is very true that the number of the unemployed graduates is alarmingly on the high side and it is just very few of them that are employable.

Most of our graduates are not vested with the practical applications of their subject matter. They only study to pass exam. To stand a chance of being employed quickly, then you have to acquire a skill that is relevant to the course you studied in school.

If, you should consider being self employed, then you should also acquire a skill by going for skills acquisition training.

3.YOUR PARENTS/RELATIVES ARE NOT CONNECTED: It is an incontrovertible fact that in Nigeria of today, employment into the federal, state, local government and multi-national companies’ jobs is strictly on man-no-man levels. You have to be connected in order to be employed into these parastatals.

If you are not connected, then you are done for! Do you know that there are undergraduates who are assured of jobs even when they are still in School?

Their parents, uncles, aunties cousins, etc who are connected usually go a long way in reserving job opportunities for these ones at the expense of their peers who are not connected. If you are still unemployed after graduation, then you are likely to fall into this group.

4.YOU DON’T HAVE A NETWORK: Networking is very good in all aspects of life your life growth as it connects the unconnected ones to people that can help them.

If you are unemployed , then you have to consider improving your networks. Try and establish connections with your former school mates, join secular groups, socialize with people in your church or mosque, relate well with your family friends, register in professional bodies relevant to your field, etc. There you are likely to meet and get connected people who can recommend you.

5.YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR SUBJECT MATTER: If you remain unemployed years after graduation, then it is likely that you are not very good in your subject matter.

The Nigerian labour market is very competitive, so you must to know your subject matter inside out. Consider the fact that Private and state owned universities are now competing on having the highest number of first class graduates. This is also applicable to graduates who schooled outside the country.

They easily make first class overseas. These and more have created much competition in the labour market in Nigeria. You can only contend with a first class graduate or an overseas graduate through your intellectual prowess by knowing your subject matter inside out!

6.YOU ARE NOT A PROBLEM SOLVER: People earn a living by solving other people’s problems. To be employed, you have to be able to solve other people’s problem.

I know many graduates who are very rich by simply solving other people’s problems by going into areas like Home tutoring services, blogging, counselling services, internet services, events management and decorations, etc. You can only solve people’s problems by offering services or by selling a product that meets their needs. This will in turn earn you a good pay.


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