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6 Reasons Why You Should STOP Being A ‘Typical’ Nigerian

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As a young lad I’ve always heard about ‘the good old days this, the good old days that’ but to be honest when exactly was the good old days?. Was there a period in Nigeria where everything was ‘almost good’, where everyone almost got along, where there was mass wealth and those who worked hard were happy with their lives. Most likely the good old days is a myth.

Nigeria is a beautiful country blessed with natural resources, different flavours of people and it’s safe to say we have the protection and blessings of God. But one wonders why Nigeria always seems to be in a state of shackles and suffering. Who knows, in the future Nigeria might get worse (We hope not) and we would call this current period the good old days.

We live in the internet age where the freedom of expression is now massive and everyone almost has a say on every issue, not like everyones opinion matters but their opinions are somewhat noted, the sad thing is that people now choose to use their freedom of opinion to be trolls both offline and online.

According to my research, the Typical Nigerian has some qualities which are:


1. BEING CLOSED MINDED: Most Nigerians have this behaviour of ‘As far as I don’t understand it and I don’t like it then it must be wrong’. That ideology kills us in many ways that we don’t know. It’s affecting us in politics too, someone from Delta state can’t contest and be a governor of Osun state even though it’s allowed in the constitution. Even though the Deltan man is more qualified than the Lagosians who want to contest for governorship the typical Nigerian man will close his mind and choose the Lagosians.


2. CROWD MENTALITY: This is one of the top qualities of a typical Nigerian. They basically let other people think for them. Let’s use social media for example, a person could post a random picture that has no negative side to it but one person could just post a funny and negative opinion and because of that everyone else would join it and it would be a trend. Sometimes the crowd mentality could be of help but most times it’s negative. It these crowd mentality advertisers use to get Nigerians. They know Nigerians love to fit in and ‘Belong’ so they get a popular person to start a trend and make the trend look cool and in order to belong everyone else joined it. For example if you ever joined in the “Straight outta (Lagos, Abuja etc) trend, let’s be honest you joined out of crowd mentality. What if i told you that you indirectly did an advert for a movie titled Straight outta Compton. If you also used the #MadeOfBlack hashtag then you also did an advert for guiness without knowing it. Don’t get me wrong having a crowd mentality isn’t always bad, it’s just bad when you have no idea you’re being controlled by the crowd.

3. THINKING INSIDE THE BOX: The typical Nigerian is a bully who would make you feel bad for being different. Once the idea doesn’t fly well with him he would shame you for it. In the past being a doctor and lawyer was the norm and when your kid said he wanted to be a musical artiste or work in an unknown creative field the ‘typical’ Nigerian parent would shame the child and somewhat mentally or even physically bully the child and shame him for his decisions and that in a way has slowed down Nigeria technology wise. Notice how now that parents are more open to their kids being who ever they want to Nigeria is now moving forward faster than in the past and people now invent things.


4. ALWAYS BEING NEGATIVE: I have this inside joke that Nigerians complain more than the Isrealites with Moses ever did. You literally can’t please the Typical Nigerian man. They will find a negative twist to everything just for the fun of it and they will bring you down and the people who fall victims to these negativity are public figures and entertainment celebrity. Once the typical Nigerian see’s something he doesn’t agree with rather than mildly say his opinion and make corrections he would bash the thing and be negative and even coercive about it.


5. COMPLAINS AND IS NEVER CONTENT: Also similar to being negative, the typical Nigerian is never content. Agreed our government has failed us and the options we have are to revolt or complain, the typical Nigerian is so used to complaining about the government that it has moonwalked into other aspects of their lives. They complain about their family, about their work, about their friends, basically about everything and they never have anything positive to say about anything. You can donate a million naira to a Nigerian beggar and I can guarantee you that a large chunk of Nigerians would insult you for your generous action and find a negative spin around it. That’s the typical Nigerian.


6. BEING AN ANGRY COWARD: The typical Nigerian is always angry and tends to be a coward. They will insult a celebrity online and make all sort of threats but when they meet the same celebrity in person they hustle to take selfies with the person or just look and grumble from a distance and literally do nothing. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you should confront the celebrity and beat him up, but with all the threats made online by the typical Nigerian one would expect him to beat the living daylight out of the so called celebrity.

ps: Don’t get me wrong, the average and the typical Nigerian are VERY different. This article isn’t meant to insult or slander Nigerians. It’s to educate you and tell you to UNLEARN some things you believe to be right.


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