6 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Fruits

does fruit cause weight gain

6 reasons why you should eat more fruits

The consumption of fruit is always highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors especially for individuals that are just recovering from illness because fruit is a dependable source of vitamins and minerals. It is important to munch on a fruits as often as possible.


The main function that the immune system performs is to protect the body from disease and keep it healthy. If this is weak, then you may be prone to infections. Hence, to shield the body from you have to take fruit which will provide the body with Vitamins C and E which will help combat infections.

Aids Digestion

Eating fruit after a meal help improves digestion. However, ensure that you do not eat the fruit immediately after the meal. You should leave at least 30 minutes between when you finished eating and when you consume the fruit. Some of the fruit that serve this purpose include bananas, avocados and apple.

does fruit cause weight gain

Strong teeth and bones

The mix of fruit and a balance diet can help you develop strong teeth and bones. This is because many fruit contained vitamins C, iron and calcium which are catalyst for evolving strong teeth and bones.

Achieve a Healthy Weight

If you are a weight conscious person, one way to check it is by eating fruit regularly. This achieved when the fruit breaks down carbs and fibres in order to encourage easy digestion. Interestingly, all fruit contain fibre.

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Aid clear sight

If you want to protect your eyes against eyesight diseases, then your sure stake is fruit. Some fruit that can aid good vision include maize, strawberries, carrot, and tomatoes which can be purchases in shops close to the Four Points, Lagos.

Guard against heart disease

The consumption of fruit guard against heart disease as well as reducing blood pressure to a very large extent. Take fruits like avocado and almonds to boost your heart resistance.


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