6 Signs You’re Dating A Guy Who Loves Himself More Than You

So you’ve finally found a guy you really like and you can’t believe your luck. He’s tall, dark, handsome and quite generous but he seems to be more obsessed with himself than he is with you.

A narcissistic man is a master at the beginnings of romance yet he can’t sustain a real relationship. He’s charming, he’s attentive; he’s so romantic, yet he can’t seem to get over himself.

If you are in this situation don’t blame yourself this is definitely not on you. If you are not sure how to tell if your man is narcissistic here are some signs to look out for

1. He never follows through on plans

A narcissistic man always puts his own interests first. He never thinks about the stress he’s causing you because he’s only thinking about himself. Therefore expect him to back out on some plans you’ve made together.

2. He doesn’t understand your feelings

If a guy is constantly making you feel like your feelings don’t matter, then he’s either not interested or just loves himself more. Your thoughts, feelings, and ideas deserve validation. You’re not asking too much to just have a boyfriend who cares.

3. You doubt his feelings for you

Your mind is telling you that this guy will never love you the way you love him. You might try to brush it off as your own insecurity, but for once that wavering confidence might be right. Women want a partner who would put them first.

4. His opinions are always important

He’s more than happy to point out that you’re wrong or educate you about something he actually knows nothing about. A narcissist’s opinion is always most important than anyone else’s. He is what we call an I-Too-Know (ITK).

5. He’s not concerned with your daily life

A Guy who loves himself more than you do would not be concerned about your day to day life rather he spends the majority of your precious quality time talking about himself.  Before you know it, you know everything about him while he knows nothing about you.

6. He puts you down to prove he is superior

On the bright side, you can be rest assured that he thinks he’s better than everyone and anyone else, not just you. He reminds you of your flaws so you stay weak while he grows strong. Cut him some slack — he’s a gift to the world from God himself. You’re welcome.


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