6 Things Every Girl Needs From Her Father

Fathers play a huge role in the lives of their daughters doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive. A father’s attitude to his daughter determines how she’ll treat herself and get treated by other men who come her way.

Young girls look up to their dads as role models which is why fathers in turn need to focus on finding ways to to make their lives fulfilled.

Inspired by Beliefnet, here are 7 things every girl needs from her father

1. Unconditional love: She needs to be a daddy’s girl which means getting her father’s unconditional love. She’d be able to relate well with the menfolk positively when she knows she’s deeply loved by her father.


2. Saying the truth always: Fathers needs to always tell their daughters the truth about everything as they grow older, from life in general to  relationships. So the world doesn’t sell funny ideas into her head.

3. Being open and transparent: Fathers who show their vulnerable side to their daughters are helping them a great deal.

4. Consistency: A girl needs consistency from her father which means he has to practice this trait especially when she’s transitioning from adolescence into a young woman.


5. Gaining respect: A father needs his daughter’s respect which is more important if he plans to instill some virtues in her that’ll last a lifetime.

6. Encouragement: Girls need to be recognised and encouraged by their fathers. They are encouraged to have a healthy competition with other girls which will help her build a much needed self-esteem.



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