6 Things To Consider Before 2015 Is Over

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Another year is coming to an end, and one thing we all do is take stock of our lives.  We look at where we were last year and compare to this year. If it looks like you have made progress, this would help do a lot to make improve your mood as you celebrate the season.

If things did not go so well, it could mar your spirit. There is not much we can do about the past, but if you want to be in high spirits by this time next year, the time to make changes is now.
Here are 6 things you should consider adjusting as we enter 2016.
1. Your friends: The best way to make sure you achieve your potential is to ensure you spend your time on the profitable things. A lot of people waste time on friends who have done nothing to improve your life. As we end this year, ask yourself ‘have every single friend in your life done something for you this year that improved who you are?’ The kinds of friends you have determines how for you will go in life, so if you have friendships that you spend time, energy and effort maintaining, and they do nothing to improve you, it is best to do away with such friends in 2016.
2. Your family: Sometimes, we forget to appreciate our family. We often take them for granted because we assume they will always be there. But you should make sure you take the time to show them how you feel about them. Sure, they will always be our family, but your bond will be so much stronger if they know you truly appreciate them being there. It might be something as simple as saying ‘thank you,’ or you can get a thoughtful gift.  It all depends on you.
3. You career/academics: This aspect of your life is something that should steadily grow each year. So, take a look at your career/school life, is it progressing as it should? If not, what changes can you make? Do not just keep going without taking stock of where you are, or you will wake up one day and realize you have spent years on something and have achieved absolutely nothing.
4. Your relationship: If you are in a relationship, this is the time to have a conversation with your partner. You should have a frank discussion about your life. Are you both still feeling love towards each other? Do you still have the same hopes and dreams? Are you both happy in the relationship? Are there issues to resolve? These kind of topics and more will help you unburden whatever challenges you both might have and cause you to enter the New Year free from negativity. If you are single, this is also the time to think about what you want in a partner. Look at how far you have come and reasonably make a list of what kind of partner/relationship will help you achieve all your goals, relationship and otherwise.
5. Your health: Your health also warrants consideration. Are you where you should be health wise? Have you achieved your weight goal this year? Are you eating right? Are you exercising when you can? What can you change? Are you at risk of any diseases due to how you leave your life? Do you have an addiction you should be working on? Be honest with yourself and resolve that the required changes will be made in 2016.
6. Your spirituality: Your relationship with God is one of the biggest relationship you will have. So, you should absolutely take stock of that too. Ask yourself if you have gotten closer to God this year, or further from Him. Resolve to do more in 2016 so your heart can become even closer to God.

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