6 Things Woman Wants Most in her Relationship

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What a woman wants is often hard to guess for men. Well we all know that it is easy to make a woman happy just by a hug, a smile and at times even a glimpse works.

Well, what a woman really wants still remains a mystery. But we do not need to lose hope. Here are a few things that woman wants in her relationship to make it easy for you!

1) To Be loved
Every woman wants a man who can love her like no one else can. It is not the rubies and diamonds that can woo her, all she wants is your love, care and commitment. Show her your love express your feelings tell her how much you love her. Take heron dates and don’t forget to compliment her. Make her feel special and that can work wonders for your relationship.

2) Be her Superman
Woman have this need to be safe place where they can feel that she can trust you. They may be very strong but when it comes to love no one is bulletproof, woman love to be protected, and would always want her man to step up at times of conflict.

3) Respected
the one thing that every woman wants in her relationship is to be respected. No matter what you should always respect your girl and never be putting her down in any way. Respect and love go hand in hand, you encourage her and she would do the same for you.

4) Romance
Keep the spark of your relationship alive. Every woman deep down is a litter girl whose dreams are filled with romance. The best part about romance is that it makes you feel desirable and that creates intimacy. All women respond to praises and affection. All a woman wants is more conversation, cuddle up, love, loyalty and intimacy.

5) Be there for her
She may not express but every woman wants her man to be there with her when she needs him the most. It may be hard day for her or the exam results, it is important that you let her know that you would always be there for her. Together you grow stronger.

6) Loyalty

Relationships is all about trust and being true to each other, when it comes to loyalty being unfaithful is never an option. Loyalty allows a woman to feel safe, it gives her a sense of security. Always remember “Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained and loyalty is returned”.

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