6 Travel Resolutions For The New Year

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In a few days the new year will be riding in full swing and a tradition that ultimately arrives with it is the act of making resolutions. If you are passionate about traveling and aim to have a pleasant travel year, Jovago, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal highlights six possible travel resolutions for 2016.

Learn to cook a different local dish

Nigeria is a diverse country with great tourist destinations and over 250 ethnic groups across 36 states. The food culture is remarkable. If you are Igbo, make efforts to prepare an Ijaw, Ibibio or Edo meal and vice versa. You can do this by asking someone from the tribe to teach you. You will be surprised how open the person will be to the idea.


Read more books

The cliche ‘if you want to hide something from a black man hide it in a book’ always pops up when talking about the reading culture in Africa and Nigeria. To sharpen your mind and keep abreast of happening around the world, you can read about other cultures, fiction, guidebooks, cookbooks and political memoirs. There is so much in a book!

Explore local life

Travelling is not all about the lustre cities and modern landscapes. There are rustic countryside’s where you can enjoy eclectic experiences. From seeing the local market, to observing how to produce local soap, participating in a dance competition, eating at the ramshackle local restaurants and mixing with the local residents are encounters you will never get in a city. So, when planning vacation in the new year, choose the countryside to explore indigenous life.  It’s simply amazing!


Find Love

Like D’bang, the fall in love crooner says Love is a beautiful thing, you can also feel this beautiful thing by making a resolution to find love in the new Year. On your part, look as good as you can and before you know it, someone will fall over heels for you.

Travel Alone

It is fun to travel with a significant other because it’s more comfortable and assuring. However, travelling alone can help build your self-confidence as you indulge in just about anything without anyone interfering. Even if you do not want a whole getaway abroad, consider traveling alone once or twice a year. There are a quantum destinations and resorts you can visit in Nigeria like the Inagbe resort, Calabar cattle ranch and Olumirin waterfalls to have an alone time. You will encounter nature in its purest form.

Stop procrastinating

Procrastination has hindered many from their goals. Nothing can be achieved if you are a perennial procrastinator. The aforementioned travel resolutions and every other resolutions that you have made will never be reality if you continue with the habit. Therefore, stop procrastinating and travel, buy that new camera and explore local life.


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