6 Warning Signs a Student is on the Wrong Career Path

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In the present competitive era, choosing a right career path is extremely important for a student to accomplish a successful life. An ideal career path is one which is well aligned with the student’s interests and aspirations, thereby leading to a successful future. But in most cases, a student’s selection of a career path is biased by the influence of parents, teachers, friends and a gamut of external factors. These factors, along with the student’s inexperience, may sometimes lead to choosing an inappropriate career option. Early realization of this bitter truth can help the student change the chosen path and work towards the right direction. Below are some of the warning signs to understand whether a student is on the wrong career path:

1. The student might lose interest towards the selected major

After investing significant amount of time and resources to get selected in a particular college, a student might lose interest towards the major and start expressing negative opinions, which may lead to depression and aloofness. In such instances, parents and teachers should be supportive and evaluate whether the student is not interested in the selected major or he/she is facing some problems like understanding the subject.

2. Discussing other major electives instead

A student might not be able to concentrate on his/her chosen major and start exploring other options.  In this process, the student may show interest towards other major electives and research about career options of that major. Here, parents should try to analyze whether this is due to lack of interest in the selected major or some other reason.

3. Spending more time on other activities

Instead of studying the major, a student wastes most of the time doing other activities like watching TV, playing video games, browsing the web, etc. In this case, parents should monitor these activities and have a conversation with the student in order to know the reason for misusing their valuable time.

4. Drastic decrease in the course performance

Due to off-focus and lack of motivation, the student’s academic performance might be affected; thus, resulting in drastic decrease in scores. If this continues for a long time, the student may put his/her bright future at risk. In order to avoid this parents should recognize the original problem and try to find a solution.

5. Hate to go to college and complain more about professors and peers

Lack of interest in the selected major might provoke a student to complain about professors as well as peers thereby developing hatred towards college. However, in some instances, the student might really have a problem with his/her peers or professors, so parents should act wisely and find out the real reason.

6. Lack of Attendance

A student might skip college or classes and spend time on unproductive activities. This might ultimately lead to college drop out. It is also the parents’ responsibility to check the reason for lack of attendance.

After critically analyzing the above points, if parents or teachers feel a student is on the wrong career path, they should guide him and let him choose himself. Instead of being ashamed or thinking about wasted time and money, parents should show their support, as the student can do much better in their field of interest than other fields.



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