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6 Ways Smart Meters Have Transformed Power Supply In Nigeria

In 2015 Ikeja Electric PLC, Nigeria’s largest power distribution company, partnered with Huawei to use Internet of Things (IoT) technology in order to increase power and reduce power waste.

Nigeria’s power sector had always had issues of getting people to pay for their electricity quickly, high line power loss rate, and manual meter readings which created avenues for fraud from both the ends of service.

A new system using smart meters, as well as an electricity operation and management system was introduced by Ikeja Electric to tackle such problems.

This new system has undoubtedly kicked off with impressive results. Below are 6 ways in which power supply has been revolutionised by smart technology:

  1. The line-loss rate has been reduced to 11% from 46%, and it’s easier to locate power loss among cables
  2. Electricity theft can be tracked, and fees for stolen power can now be retrieved
  3. Money is collected in advance with a prepayment solution services
  4. Automatic meter readings and IT-based systems reduce labour costs by 90%
  5. Electronic bills are available through SMS, email, and phone calls
  6. Stronger recharge methods, like counter, website, recharge cards, and self-service terminals, are available and leading to improved loyalty from customers.

Huawei has also developed broadband technology that operates at a rate 20 times that of narrowband, which provides 100% meter-reading success rates and real-time metering services. This has allowed full data collection, showing the substantial economic returns that have benefited tens of thousands of households.

Ikeja Electric, with the help of Huawei, now also promotes the construction of Smart Grid in Nigeria, enhancing its international competitiveness in the electricity industry.

Abiodun Ajifowobaje, former CEO, Ikeja Electric said: “Advanced Metering Infrastructure allows us to monitor customer usage from our offices here.

We consider Huawei to be the best company to provide us with these services that are required to make our proposed meter rollout the simplest it can be.


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