6 Ways To Help Parent Get Back To Routine School

Going back to school comes with a mixed bag of emotions for both parents and kids. By the end of the holiday, most parents are ready for school to start, whereas the kids would do anything to extend their vacations and hang tight to the lazy days. As back-to-school season approaches, there are a few scenarios such as getting back into a bedtime routine and packing lunches that are either making you feel ready for September to roll through or stirring up some back-to-school anxiety.

1.  School fees week: Most parent find it so hard to believe is time to start paying their kids school fees. At the end of a session, schools always attach a copy of list of book and the fee each child will pay for the next session. By doing these, the believe it will help parent save up, but if you still find it hard to save it is advisable to pay the little amount you have and before you know it the whole payment it done.

2. make a checkup list: Go through the kids’ clothes to find out what still fits Make a list of what they’ll need as far as shoes, clothes, jackets, etc. and go shopping for those items.

3. School supplies shopping: you will agree with me that most parent always avoid taking their children for school shopping because they will always point to the most expensive school bag, shoe, water bottle  etc. and while parent try not to buy irrelevant text books  from the long supply list.”

4. Adjusting to wake up time: The body has a way adjusting to our day to day routine and since the children are use to waking up late, it will be so hard to for their body to get use to waking up early. you just have establish a morning routine for yourself and the kids. Lay out clothes the night, get dressed, make bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth.

5. Picking the kids up from school: Despite missing the kids, you’re going to miss how quiet it was for the last few hours more. But for some parent, for the next one week after resumption they forget they have to pick their kids from school. So parent should try as much as possible not to forget their kids in school.

6. Homework routine: As part of parental duty,it is good to look for a way to encourage our kids when it comes to homework most especially few weeks after resumption. For younger children the kitchen or dining room table might work if they need help from parents.  For older children a desk in their room is better for concentration.

If you keep doing this every day in no time you will get use to the routine and the body will adjust back to school,school time.


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