7 Avoidable Habits That Will Give You A Big Belly

Many people are trying so hard to keep their belly in shape but without success. Instead of getting flat, it’s getting bigger. What must have gone wrong? They often wonder. Loosing belly fat can sometimes be a strenuous task or may even be impossible, but with the right advice, diet and workout routine, your dream of getting a flat belly can become a reality. In this article, we are going to look at 7 habits that are making it difficult for you to lose your waistline fat.

1. Excessive alcohol intake
For most people, alcohol is just a harmless drink that contains no sugar or calories. In contrast to that popular belief, alcoholic drinks e.g. beer contains barley, sorghum and hops which are rich sources of sugar. Considering the fact that alcohol is the most abused substance on earth with some people taking as much as 8 bottles at a sitting, this loads the body with excess sugar/ calorie which is then converted to fat and stored within the fat cells located in the lower trunk. The bloating of the stomach caused by excessive and prolong alcohol ingestion may give rise to the saggy tummy usually referred to as ‘alcohol abdomen’.

2. Late night meals
Researches have shown an increase in the waist line and amount of fat deposited around the abdomen in people who eat late night meals. During the day, the metabolism of the body is at its peak enabling the body convert glucose and stored fat into energy used to fuel the cells of the body. In contrast to this, the metabolism is at a dip at night especially during sleep hence having a late night meal packed with calories increases the risk of accumulating fat especially belly fat. For a trimmer body, it is advisable to avoid late night high calorie meals instead, eat fruits, vegetables and meals with low glycemic index. Dinner should be eaten as early as possible.

3. Drinking soda and carbonated beverages
Carbonated beverages are packed with high amount of refined sugar. The surge in glucose after consuming a can or two of soda stimulates the brain to crave for more sugar. This indirectly increases one’s appetite thereby prompting you to take another can of the soda or it increases the intake of calorie rich food as substitute. The latter effect can be observed when a can of soda accompanies a meal. Also, the surge in blood stream glucose from sodas activates insulin which causes glucose to be pumped into the cells and excess of this is converted to fat which is stored especially at the belly region.

4. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise
To attain that envious shape and weight, energy used by the body to maintain its cellular function must be equal or greater than energy intake in the form of foods and drinks. There is a saying that, “Fat doesn’t run in the family but people get fat because they refuse to run.” Adequate exercise increases metabolism, stimulates the uptake of glucose by the cells and in breaking down the excess fat stored in the fast cells. Having a sedentary lifestyle increase the chance of increase food intake and accumulation of such energy as fat in the body.

5. Drinking little water
Drinking sufficient amount of water in the morning and before each meal takes up sufficient space in the stomach hence reducing the amount of food consumed. This helps to check the amount of calories take in by the body. Also, water promotes adequate digestion, improves gastric motility and prevents constipation. All these factors help in controlling the amount of carb absorbed by the intestines.

6. Allowing your emotions control your cravings
It has been found that most people allow their emotions to control what they eat and its quantity. At the peak of depression, loneliness, frustration, anger, sadness, people tend have more cravings for carbs and junk food which increases the amount of energy consumed by the body and also, the excess energy is stored as belly fat. Allowing your emotions control your diet may be that one habit that is making your belly grow bigger

7. Poor diet
Poor diet is another habit that makes your belly bigger. Adequate diet includes carbohydrate, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals in the right amount. Ingesting too little of vitamins, proteins and minerals or eating more of carbohydrate and fat disrupts the normal digestive and absorptive balance in the body favoring the accumulation of belly fat. Healthy body devoid of belly fat can be maintained by eating right. Avoid junks, meals laden with sugar, pastries, food rich in salt and polysaturated fats, meals low in vegetables and proteins.

Belly fats do not only alter your shape and physique, it reduces your self-confidence and also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Try your best to drop the bad habits and embrace the good ones, you will soon find yourself with your desired body shape.



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