7 Common Mistakes Made While Taking Shower

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Did you know investing an excessive amount of energy in the shower could strip the natural oils from your skin? You have to scrub down each day however did you ever feel that you can turn out badly with it? All that hot shower and foam might do damage to your skin.

These are what you should not do in a shower.

1. You take hot shower: You may prefer a hot shower because your muscles feel relaxed, but it may remove the natural oils from your skin at the same time. Hot water may also cause your skin to become itchy and dry. If you stay in a cold place, ensure that the temperature of the water is tepid and not hot.

2. You spend a lot of time in the shower: It can be tempting to spend 30 minutes in the shower, but a long shower can strip the natural oil and lipids from your skin that help trap the water to keep your skin moist. So try not to spend more than 10 minutes in the shower.

3. You love the fragrances in your soap: Soaps with fragrances also contain ingredients that can strip the moisture from your skin. They can also lead to extreme dryness or flakiness of the skin. So, steer clear of soaps that contain parabens, synthetic colours, fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate and formaldehyde. Soaps with essential oils can be a good option.

4. You do not change your loofah (sponge): Yes, exfoliation is good for your skin but using the same old loofah may not be a fantastic idea. Bacteria breed in loofah and body puffs, so you must replace them in every four weeks. Using a bacteria-infested loofah can lead to an infection in the hair follicles which can be very pesky and itchy. It can be a good idea to use a washcloth instead of the loofah.

5. Taking shower without removing makeup: Many people tend to strip their make up off while taking shower but it is no doubt a wrong technique because some of the beauty products are made using some chemicals which even stays after you wipe it out by a face cleanser while bathing. So be sure to remove your make up properly and with utmost attention before you step in under the shower.

6. Washing your hair everytime you take your shower: If you are used to washing your hair everyday then it is bad for you. Using too much shampoo steals the natural oil from your hair and this shampoo builds often causes dandruff and other hair problems. Hair experts suggest washing your hair with shampoo twice a week is pretty reasonable as it helps to balance the moisture in your hair

7. You do not rinse well: Also, ensure that you rinse soaps and other hair products well as the lingering product can clog your pores and lead to acne. Also, clean your hair properly to prevent back acne.


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