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7 Demeaning And Non-existing Phrases That Are Hurting Your Writing

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There is nothing as embarrassing as being ignorantly confident in error. You may have, on one or two occasions, be posing off with some words/phrases, not knowing you’re deep in the pool of mistake; they’re non-existing phrases.

There could make you fell terribly bad after crafting out a ‘beautiful’ post around an idea.

Embarrassing? Jaw-dropping ? You do the job. Use whatever words suits you, my dear. You’re at liberty!

After observing conversations and reading through piles of texts, I found out that you, like many others, could have used these wrong, rather non-existing phrases:

Complimentary Card
“I’ll send give him my complimentary card“. That’s a wrong way to tell someone you’ll give him your BUSINESS CARD.

If you use complimentary, it means that you’re giving out a free copy of your product.

That informs why you have “COMPLIMENTARY COPY,” used as a promotional device by intellectual property owners.
Wrong: I gave Uche my complimentary card.

Right: I gave Uche my business card.

Delta citizen/indigenes
This one has been popularised by the media but some principalities in high places say that “indigene” is not an English word.

I was wondering, when I read “Delta citizens” in the news the other time, if my state had finally gotten independence and became a country.
Never say: “Delta citizens” since Delta is not a country or Delta indigenes.

Wrong: Delta state indigenes/citizens have been largely peaceful amidst the economic Kung Fu.

Right: Delta state natives have been largely peaceful amidst the economic Kung Fu.

Poke Nose

I know you used to tell your neighbour not to poke nose into your affairs again. But unku, it’s actually poke your nose into your affairs.

Wrong: Stop poke nosing into my affairs, biko!

Right: Don’t poke your nose into my affairs, e jor!

Luxurious Bus
Trust me, I heard and used this confidently while growing up until the scales fell off my eyes.
Nigerians use it to describe a large bus which can take in more persons than the normal bus.

Wrong: I took a luxurious Bus to Ikeja on Saturday.

Right: I took a luxury bus to Ikeja today.

Comity of Nation
If you’re a politically inclined person, you know that this is used in reference to the gathering of nations. However, that is a wrong judgement of the phrase. Comity of nation is the respect countries have for one another.
Wrong: Nigeria is envied in the comity of nations.

Right: Nigeria is envied in the community of nations.

Barbing Salon.
No much talk on this as there is no word as “barbing” in that context.
Wrong: I went to the barbing salon.

Right: I went to the hair salon.

Screen touch
In this digital age, you may have been guilty of using it to describe a mobile device that responds to touch. However, that’s wrong. See how to use it:

Wrong: My phone is a screen touch.

Right: My phone is touch screen.


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