7 football facts so incredible they sound untrue

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Crazy..Just crazy.. Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi were born exactly 869 days apart… and so were their sons! That, and 6 more soccer curiosities you won’t believe are true

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. A user from the news and social networking website Redditasked readers to post fantastic soccer anecdotes that seemed far-fetched. They did not disappoint. The Reddit community came up with these noteworthy seven:

1. Bayern Munich could have played the 2013/14 Bundesliga season with no goalie and they still would have not been relegated. 


Manuel Neuer could have sat behind the soccer net, eating popcorn, and letting every shot on goal go in – and Bayern would still have survived relegation with 42 points. That’s (in part) because Bayern conceded so few shots on frame.

2. No Barcelona player has ever been named La Liga’s player of the month.


Since the inception of the award in September 2013, no player from the Catalan club has won the honors. Not even Lionel Messi. What?!

3. Lusail, the city that will host the inagural game and the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup does not exist, yet.


It’s true. We’ve blogged about this. They are literally building a city for the Beautiful Game. Mind blown!

4. Cristiano Ronaldo’s son and Lionel Messi’s son were born 869 days apart – exactly like Ronaldo and Messi!


We’ve also blogged about this before, and it still is, hands down, the craziest thing we’ve ever heard. There’s really just no separating these two, is there?

5. No English manager has won a Premier League title.


This is a bit of a trick question as the Premier League has only existed since 1992, replacing the old First Division. Nonetheless, since the league was rechristened, two Scotsmen have won it: Sir Alex Ferguson for Man United (13 times) and Kenny Dalglish once with Blackburn; Frenchman Arsene Wenger won it 3 times with Arsenal; Jose Mourinho (Portuguese) has won it 3 times, and Carlo Ancelotti (Italian), Roberto Mancini (Italian), and Manuel Pellegrini (Chilean) have all won it once.

6. Ronaldo never won the Champions League.


Ronaldo is considered one of the legends of Brazilian soccer and one of the greatest to ever play the game. Yet, despite having had an illustrious career with clubs that include Real Madrid, A.C. Milan, Inter Milan, PSV and Barcelona, he never won the Champions League.

7. VfL Wolfsburg once had a manager named Wolfgang Wolf.


Wolfgang Wolf was named Wolfsburg’s manager in 1998, where he served for eight seasons.

Credit: Fox Soccer

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