7 International Wizkid and Davido Collaborations Both Superstars Have Promised But Yet To Be Released


Wizkid and Davido are without a single atom of doubt two of Nigeria’s biggest music export right now and they continue to deliver top notch sounds that continues to place them at the zenith of the continent’s music scene.

Wizkid and Davido have both bragged about having several international collaborations that we are yet to hear, Davido even said at some point that he was going to drop 4 international collaborations in a single week, a feat that even a Beyonce would be proud of.

These two superstars have a history of making empty promises to their fans, first it was Wizkid who promised his fans a mixtape twice and failed to release any and also Davido promised his second album for release next April which is only a week away, a promise we hope he fulfills.

Judging from how much we know about Davido, he loves to do things big, the HKN singer won’t launch an album without the proper promotion and from what we can see that album will probably not drop in April.
Without much ado here are a list of international collaborations both superstars have promised us and are yet to be released:

Wizkid and Chris Brown in Los Angles

Wizkid ft. Chris Brown – Wizkid was in the Los Angeles, U.S in June 2014 and shared photos of himself with International music star, Chris Brown and it appeared that those two spent time together and maybe might have worked on something in the studio as well.

Wizkid during an interview with DJ Abrantee on Capital XTRA, spilled the beans on his collaborations with international star Chris Brown.

He confirmed that his single with Chris Brown “African Bad Girl” will be the first single from his next album. We think the song should have already dropped, but as of the time of writing this article, the single is yet to be released.

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Davido Won Le Ba
Davido ft. Wale – HKN artist, Davido is one artist who has also had a jet career since the release of his first official single ‘Back When’ featuring Naeto C. Since then, Davido has continued to drop smashing singles which have found their way to the top of the charts.

In August 2014, Davido promised his fans a fresh single titled ‘Won Le Ba’ which would feature International rapper, Wale. It was also hinted that Davidoalso featured South-African rapper, Professor on the single.

Davido released an artwork for “Won Le Ba” and promised to drop it in a week from when he made the announcement but up till now, we’re yet to hear that single.

Maybe the song will be on his album, but for now an empty promise.

Davido ft. Drake – Davido has been working hard towards bringing all the big names on his sophomore project, the singer announced that he will featureDrake on his album.

Davido posted a tweet on the 18th of March, 2015 which read: ‘6 GOD X OBO’.

Drake has a track called “6 God” and his upcoming album is also titled “Views From The 6″. Drake got his “6” from the zip code of his hometown Toronto.

He made the announcement officially while speaking with E-Xtra News. You can watch the video below.

That being said and done, it should be noted that these two haven’t been spotted working together in the studio and for an artist Davido promised to work with, there has been no official hint from Drake’s camp if the single will ever be a reality.

Another thing that we should understand right now is that Drake is one of the hottest Hip-Hop recording artist on the planet, he might not have time to work with Davido and moreover, from what we know about Drake, he doesn’t love to work with unknown artists who are yet to have their international break.

Davido might be big in Nigeria and Africa but definitely not in the U.S.


Wizkid ft. Rihanna – Wizkid is an international artist whether we like it or not and it can be recalled vividly that his second album boasts of international collaborations with the likes of Akon whom he featured on ‘For You’ and Tyga who was on ‘Show You The Money’ remix off his sophomore project titled ‘Ayo’.

Wizkid who is poised on raising the bar with his international collaborations revealed he scored a big one with grammy award winning Barbadian singer,Rihanna.

Wizkid revealed he was in the studio with the 27 year-old star and wrote a song for her and they worked together on a track as well which he said could be picked by her or not. So i guess, it’s better to conclude, we might never get to hear the song they worked on together.

By the way, all hope is not lost, Wizkid also hinted about getting in the studio with her again on returning to L.A and they might just work on his own project together.

Below is a video of Wizkid talking about his collabo effort with Rihanna during a chat with DJ Abrante at the Capital Xtra studios.

Davido and Mill
Davido ft. Meek Mill – Davido seemed to be trying to make an impressive international collaboration with Maybach Music Group artist, Meek Mill.

The collaborative single they’re both working on will feature on Davido’s Sophomore project which is ‘slated for release next week’.

While, Meek Mill confirmed on working with Davido on a collaborative effort in a tweet he sent out to his millions of followers.

Davido is expecting that this collaboration will get him on rotation in US radio stations which is somewhat good for breaking out to the international market.

Words on the street say the single is done and the title is “Fans Mi”

We patiently await the release of the single in anticipation.

Davido ft. Trey Songz – As Davido gears up to the release of his second album, the singer has promised quite a lot of collaborations and one that we have our doubts solidly on is a collaborative effort with US singer, Trey Songz.

Davido made the announcement himself via his Twitter page that Trey Songzwas going to feature on his next album, something that we are waiting for with our arms akimbo.


Judging from the fact that Davido has made some outrageous promises to his fans over collaborations and we’re yet to hear any, we won’t be betting much on this collaboration to see the light of day either.

Davido ft. Wizkid – Davido and Wizkid like we stated earlier are two of Nigeria’s biggest music export right now and much more than anything else, acollaboration between these two can actually shake up the African continent and maybe might even have a mild effect on their International music presence.

While understanding that these two had a rift that spanned for more than a year or two, the two seemed to have overgrown their disagreements and settle their differences.

Ofcourse, we music lovers celebrated their decision to settle again and these two recently announced that they were going to do a collaborative effort together and release a song which might turn out to be one of the most anticipated collaborations on the African continent and maybe the world.

While we think this collaboration effort is taking long to be released as we feel its long overdue.

The video below shows Wizkid speaking about a possible future collaborationwith Davido. Which of these collaborations do you think will be released? Share your thoughts

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